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There are a few furniture brands more iconic than Walter Knoll. With an illustrious history dating back to the 1800s, the brand has been producing eye-catching furniture ever since it was first established by its founding father, Wilhelm Knoll. You can discover a range of stunning vintage and more contemporary Walter Knoll pieces here at Vinterior, so get browsing now.

A brief history of Walter Knoll

Walter Knoll has built its reputation for quality craftsmanship, eye-catching design and unrivalled build quality for over 150 years. With a reputation for modernity, it is no mean feat to continue innovating for more than a century. But that is precisely what this company has managed to do since it first began its life as a leather business in Stuttgart, Germany.

Over the decades following the company’s inception, the style of Walter Knoll furniture developed and grew to suit the mood of the time. During the 1920s, for example, Walter Knoll furniture took a somewhat futuristic turn, leaving behind the heavy, traditional furniture of the Victorian and Edwardian eras in favour of lighter structures with wooden, aluminium and tubular steel legs that captured the sophistication and modern style that was so prominent in this period. Upright, straight backed chairs were eschewed for comfortable, relaxed and casual pieces and the Walter Knoll name sealed its reputation as a furniture brand that represented comfort as well as elegance.

The Walter Knoll bucket chair, first introduced during the 1950s, is still an iconic feature of many office reception areas and hotel lobbies today, while the FK executive chair is a classic of any 1970s office environment.

The hallmarks of Walter Knoll furniture

The Walter Knoll brand is epitomised by style, comfort and a futuristic retro look that remains popular in the present day.

Exquisitely stitched leather upholstery is a key feature of Walter Knoll chairs and sofas, but colours range from classic browns and blacks to eye-catching blues and yellows, making them a striking feature of any room.

Simple lines and elegant shapes set Walter Knoll furniture apart, while the chairs often feature the wooden, steel tubing or lightweight aluminium legs that mark them out as truly special.

Choosing vintage Walter Knoll furniture

Anyone who is keen to put their own stamp on their home and express their own personality through their use of furnishings would do well to consider vintage Walter Knoll furniture.

By incorporating a piece or two by Walter Knoll into your interior design, you can not only enjoy the benefits of an eclectic and eye catching style but you’ll also profit from a piece of furniture that has been built to last and which has already proven its ability to stand the test of time.

Choosing vintage pieces from the brand’s ranges is a wonderful way to add to the narrative of your home. The authenticity and timeless sophistication that these pieces bring ensures that character, flair and genuine heritage is something you will bring to your home.

We love new, too

While it’s fair to say that we will always love vintage Walter Knoll furniture, those looking for contemporary pieces can also shop for the brand’s more recent productions here at Vinterior.

Find Walter Knoll furniture at Vinterior

From comfortable and elegant sofas to stylish retro chairs, vintage Walter Knoll furniture is a perfect way to add class, sophistication and authentic character to any room of your home. You’ll find all the inspiration you’ve been searching for here at Vinterior.