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There are certain items of furniture which carry with them a sense of comfort, nostalgia and calmness. And a rocking chair is surely one of them. Chances are when you think of a rocking chair, you think of someone you know – perhaps a grandparent or distant relative – who loves nothing more than to gently sway back and forth in a chair that is unmistakeably theirs. This simple home addition oozes comfort and charm, making any interior environment feel more welcoming and inviting. Rocking chairs from Eames – the powerhouse of mid-century design – provide all this while also giving the humble furniture item a glossy, chic edge. Their iconic designs can help your Eames rocking chair feel like a real statement piece, so why not enjoy browsing our collection today, right here at Vinterior.

What to expect from a retro Eames rocking chair

Mid-century furniture design is all about clean lines, rounded edges and sleek finishes. It’s about finding the majesty in simplicity, and that’s exactly what Eames has done for decades. Throughout the 20th century, Charles and Ray Eames worked together with a philosophy of looking at the world in new and exciting ways. They used their talents to create iconic furniture items which have stood the test of time and really made their mark – both in the industry and in people’s homes. Their pieces include the sleek Eames Lounge Chair from 1956, which has seen worldwide recognition for its innovative design.

All Eames furniture is celebrated for its exciting use of form and material, and their designs include everything from chairs and stools to tables and storage. Eames rocking chairs are instantly recognisable, thanks to their use of original materials like fibreglass and woods such as birch and walnut. They stay true to quintessential Eames mid-century design, maintaining an elegant finish while still providing the means for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Modern design rocking chairs

More modern rocking chairs often follow this same design blueprint created by Eames, but opt for the use of cheaper materials like polypropylene. As consequence, modern high street equivalents of the Eames rocking chair are not a patch on the original, as they tend to be less durable and sturdy.

Shop for retro rocking chairs with Vinterior

If you want to find an authentic Eames rocking chair to add to your home, you’re in the right place. At Vinterior, we pride ourselves on supplying only premium furniture solutions, collecting items which are full of character and charm. Vinterior is the number one marketplace on the web for vintage, antique and retro furniture. Every item in our collection has a rich history or a story to tell, and investing in a piece of vintage furniture from Vinterior means adding your own chapter to this story.

We sell new Eames rocking chairs & furniture too

We may be experts in all things vintage, but our marketplace also many new pieces – both recent additions from established brands like Eames and bespoke items designed by artisan craftspeople and independent furniture makers.

If you are thinking of spicing up your home design with an instantly recognisable Eames rocking chair, then take the time to explore Vinterior. Not only might you find the perfect piece for your living room, you may also find inspiration for other aspects of your home décor.

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