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We can all agree that the right wardrobe should contain enough storage space to hold all your clothes and accessories comfortably. But more than that, your perfect wardrobe should be an attractive addition to your bedroom, reflecting your style just as much as the clothes within. The ideal combination of practicality and stunning design is exactly what you get with a G Plan wardrobe. As roomy and durable as they are handsome, with a G Plan wardrobe satisfaction is guaranteed. And now you can find a large, varied range of them in a single place. Browse through the collection of G Plan wardrobes at Vinterior today.

Why choose a G Plan wardrobe?

G Plan can trace its roots all the way back to the Victorian age, when Ebenezer Gomme began crafting beautiful furniture by hand. In 1953, his grandson Donald decided to carry on the family tradition, and G Plan as we know it was born. Since then they have been known around the world as one of the finest crafters of handmade furniture. Their professional designs, built to last for generations, are almost as famous as their sleek aesthetics, and both these qualities are evident in the Vinterior collection.

G Plan Tall Boy

The iconic G Plan Tall Boy, for example, was built in the 1950s, yet is still standing strong six decades later; a true testament to the skills and devotion of G Plan's crafters. As the name suggests, it is a tall model, with one side opening onto a traditional wardrobe compartment with a hang-rail, and the other side containing three drawers and two shelves for smaller or foldable items. These features are typical of wardrobes from G Plan. Sleek polished wood, gold metal handles and ebonised legs give these wardrobes an elegant, modernist appeal; indicative of their mid-century origins, yet somehow timeless.

Why shop at Vinterior for G Plan wardrobes?

Every wardrobe in the Vinterior collection, like all the furniture we sell, is unique. This is one of the main reasons why we are so passionate about selling vintage furniture; every item has its own story to tell, and its own particular character to add to your home. Antique and artisan furniture have also proven their durability, meaning the quality of their original design is not in doubt. And for those of you looking to make your home as sustainable as possible, you should know that investing in vintage furniture is one of the greenest ways to furnish your home. A lot of our pieces have been repurposed and upcycled, making them highly sustainable, as well as more suited to modern tastes.

We pride ourselves on being the largest online marketplace for vintage, artisan and antique furniture, including stunning mid-century furniture solutions from the likes of G Plan and other leading brands. We seek out furniture with its own story to tell, its own character to offer, and its own unique style. That’s exactly what you’ll find with each of our many thousands of collectables.

But as well as modern furniture, you will also find more modern examples of G Plan's work in our collection. While the new products may not have the same heritage as the vintage pieces, they possess every bit as much quality and style.

So peruse our range of G Plan wardrobes today, to find that item you've been looking for, or simply a bit of extra inspiration. You won't regret it.

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