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Selecting the right shabby chic wardrobe for your bedroom space isn’t easy. In the bedroom, the wardrobe is the second most essential piece of furniture after the bed, which makes taking your time to find one that suits your requirements even more important. Going vintage with your wardrobe choice is a great way to add some charm and character to a spacious master suite, bedroom or guest room. With the shabby chic look all the rage in recent years, the wardrobes that complement this particular style are bestsellers. Browse our collection of shabby chic wardrobes and discover style, substance and storage in one fell swoop.

Choosing a shabby chic wardrobe

The shabby chic trend has dominated the interior design world quite some time now. The style was first brought to the attention of interior designers and home décor enthusiasts some 20 years ago. It has been featured in a range of properties and rooms ever since. Thanks to its soft and dreamy details, shabby chic has been the go-to design for bedrooms in particular with its ease and inexpensiveness loved by home improvers everywhere.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

A bedroom’s shabby chic makeover wouldn’t be complete without the right furniture pieces in tow. In fact, many beautiful bedrooms have been finished to perfection courtesy of the shabby chic wardrobes our network of independent boutiques and furniture sellers supply.

The French vintage style sits at the centre of our selection of shabby chic wardrobes. These painted hardwood creations offer the elegance and decadence that every self-respecting boudoir should embrace, all while encompassing the distressed, handcrafted nature of the shabby chic look. Your shabby chic wardrobe shouldn’t just deliver the finish you need. It also has to provide the premium feel that stands the test of time and offers the storage space you require. Our vintage and upcycled shabby chic options offer quality that is built to last. Many of our wardrobe designs provide drawer space to store all of your folded clothes, too.

Shopping with Vinterior for Shabby Chic Wardrobes for Sale

Our shabby chic bedroom furniture range includes vintage, antique, reclaimed and upcycled items. Every item has been lovingly cared for and crafted to offer a uniqueness that high street pieces simply can’t provide. When buying vintage at Vinterior, you take with you a backstory as well as a superior feel to complement and complete your bedroom. Each furniture piece we so proudly advertise is as individual as the last, providing the opulence and beauty you’d expect from the shabby chic style.

While our range of shabby chic furnishings features lots of vintage, antique and reclaimed pieces, we do provide new wardrobes in this signature style for those looking to have the best of both worlds. The Chantelle wardrobe is a beautiful example of the shabby chic style; it’s also brand new. The design features the intricate carved details that shabby chic wardrobes are known and loved for, and uses weathered wood to embrace the style further.

Get started with the transformation of your shabby chic inspired bedroom by shopping with us today. You’ll find all the inspiration, ideas and quality furniture items you need to create a beautiful and super chic bedroom within your home. You can also discover the shabby chic accessories to complete your look right here at Vinterior. After all, there are more than a thousand sellers listing products on our online marketplace so you’ll never be short of ideas to furnish your home with.

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