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Whether it's for dining, dressing or coffee, every home needs plenty of tables. They sit at as the centrepiece of almost every living space in the house, from the living room coffee table to the grander dining area. They should therefore be a sturdy, well crafted and attractive addition to your home.Expert craftsmanship and beauty is exactly what you'll get from a G Plan table. Their sleek style and durable designs ensure that, whether you're searching for an elegant desk or a bold bedside table, you will be investing in something that is guaranteed to fit perfectly into your home, and last for many years. Search through the huge collection of G Plan tables here at Vinterior now.

Shopping for a vintage G Plan table

A G Plan table is not just an item of furniture, but something with decades of history and knowledge behind its design. G Plan was founded in 1953 by Donald Gomme, whose family had been handcrafting high quality furniture since the late Victorian age. Since its founding, G Plan has remained dedicated to the creation of faultless furniture, and the Vinterior collection of G Plan tables illustrates this professionalism perfectly.

Retro Chic Dining Tables by G-Plan

From retro-chic dining tables to mid-century modernist coffee tables; every piece is part of a sixty-five year legacy of excellence. A perfect example of G Plan’s quality can be found in the brand’s oval astro solid teak coffee table. Designed in the 1960s, its round glass top and sweeping crossed legs have endured as a real testament to the time they were made. While the style is timeless, it is also indicative of the optimistic mindset, and thirst for exploration that had taken hold in Britain during the build up to the moon landing. The fact that it still stands in beautiful condition shows just how much care was taken by the team that built this model.

Danish Style Tables

A very different piece, but one from the same period, is the Danish design console table. With its drawers and legs painted black, its teak surface and gold metal fittings, this popular G Plan table would make a glamorous addition to any hallway or study for those looking to add a touch of cool.

Whichever is more your style, the sheer range of designs on offer shows just how diverse G Plan are, yet all their designs are bound by the same passion for quality. This diversity of design, as well as their proven durability, is why we at Vinterior are absolutely obsessed by vintage furniture. Not only does the term 'vintage' include everything from French contemporary to rustic farmhouse furniture, but the character of the pieces sets them apart from almost every modern make. Every piece of artisan or antique furniture is unique, and therefore brings its own special charm into your home. They are also highly sustainable. A lot of our G Plan tables have been laboriously repurposed or upcycled to return them to former glory, or else to imbue them with a whole new style, more suited to modern tastes.

G Plan has somehow managed to retain the same distinctive charm and professionalism over six decades, and Vinterior wants to celebrate that. That is why you will also find new and nearly-new G Plan tables featured on our online marketplace alongside the brand’s vintage models. Check out the inspiring collection of G Plan tables for yourself. That perfect table is just a click away.

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