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If when you think of the 1950s, you think of American diners, kitsch décor and pastel colours, the Formica table may have something to do with that. A design classic, Formica was produced in the entire spectrum of colours and topped everything from restaurant counters to coffee tables. Prized for its durability, range of playful colours and the fact that it was easily wiped clean, it found a place in hundreds of thousands of homes globally and is still produced today.

Why choose 1950s Formica tables?

Formica was a very popular trend in the 1950s. It was inexpensive and available in many stores around the country, both things that appealed to the 50s consumer. The Formica table boasted a range of attributes which made it especially well-suited for busy family kitchens and dining rooms, and it’s these attributes that have made it a sought-after piece of furniture today.

Formica came in all sorts of colours, from bold brights to muted pastels. Compared to traditional table-tops, Formica had a lot of advantages – in particular, its melamine resin finish added to the ease of maintenance as it could simply be wiped clean, keeping the table in pristine condition. This made it a great option for coffee tables and kitchen tables, perfect for holding hot drinks or plates of food, whilst adding a welcome pop of colour to any room. Classic colours included bright orange, canary yellow, sky blue and muted greys – all of which are striking additions to contemporary homes.

1950s Formica tables were also produced in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which means there’s one to fit in any room. It’s possible to find a small, two-person breakfast table that slots perfectly into the smallest of kitchens, or doubles up as a beautiful, brightly coloured desk in a study. Dining tables often come with added storage – a shelf or drawer is a great, space saving feature that embodies 1950s functionality.

A Formica topped coffee table adds 1950s chic to any sitting room. Top it with a vase and a selection of fashion magazines to draw attention to its sleek lines. Formica side tables were also fashioned for the 50s living room, ideal to slide alongside the sofa if you are short on space, or if you simply like to keep your drinks and remote control close at hand. These make fantastic additions to the bedroom, too – as stylish, creative alternatives to bedside tables.

The 1950s Formica table was also designed to be perfect for entertaining guests. Its slim profile and wipe-clean table top material made it durable and ultra-stylish. If you’re a frequent dinner party host or enjoy regular get-togethers with family and friends, browse our range of 1950s Formica tables – there are a number of styles and designs to fit your needs.

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