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Why Nest Tables

G Plan has earned its reputation as a crafter of premium furniture over sixty-five years of impeccable designs. Their nests of tables are a testament to this legacy. While many table nests are designed purely for practical use, G Plan pay as close attention to the aesthetic of the piece as they do the functionality.

G-Plan Teak Nesting Tables

Take, for example, the brand’s teak and tile nest of tables. The use of two contrasting shades of wood (one for the legs and one for the surface), combined with a floral ceramic tile design, give a richness and art deco elegance that makes for a truly unique piece. The three tables fits together as snugly, giving you an outstanding piece of decoration, as well as a few extra places to put down your coffee mug.

This is part of what makes vintage, antique and artisan furniture so special; that attention to detail and those inimitable designs that only come from superior craftsmanship. That is why we at Vinterior are so obsessed with vintage furniture. As well as beauty and function, every piece fills your home with a little extra character, and a unique story.

No two items are the same. Art deco, industrial, Scandinavian minimalism; the term 'vintage furniture' includes them all. On top of that, it is highly sustainable. Many of our vintage G Plan nests of tables have been re-sanded, re-oiled, or even repainted, to give them a new lease of life before sending them to a new home.

At heart they remain the same piece that generations of owners have loved, but through repurposing and upcycling, they have the same polish as a piece of furniture that was crafted last week.

Buy new G Plan Nest of Tables from Vinterior

Not that Vinterior doesn't love new furniture too. You can't celebrate a company like G Plan without showcasing their modern, as well as classic, designs. As they continue to create and define modern furnishings, Vinterior continues to stock them. Among our G Plan nests of tables you will find recent creations, which are just as full of character and charm as those from fifty years ago. We want you to see everything G Plan has to offer, all in a single place.

For more inspiring ideas, check out the G Plan nest of tables collection here at Vinterior today. Whether you want sleek minimalism, a bit of retro Seventies whimsy, or can't quite make up your mind, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes and requirements on our website.

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