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In our modern age of open plan kitchens and breakfast bars, the dining table has to be a versatile thing. You may want to house it in your very own dedicated dining room or you may simply want your table to occupy a corner of the kitchen area. Whether you are looking for formality and elegance or something altogether more understated, look no further than a vintage G Plan dining table. Browse the G Plan range today.

Why choose a G Plan dining table

If you are planning to locate your dining table at the centre of a dining room, you need a table that is fit for the most special of special occasions. After all, why invite guests round if you don’t intend to impress them and make them feel truly comfortable?

G Plan offers dining tables that can transform a neglected dining room into a sleek, handsome hub for entertaining. Sturdy and durable craftsmanship, combined with smooth, polished designs, ensures that a G Plan dining table can host anything from a formal dinner party to a hearty family lunch. Browse through the collection of G Plan dining tables at Vinterior today, and prepare to be inspired.

Why choose a vintage G Plan dining table?

With over sixty-five years of experience under their belt, it is perhaps no surprise that G Plan has such an illustrious reputation when it comes to crafting high quality furniture. Vinterior's range of G plan dining tables illustrates both how prolific and how popular the brand has been over that time. Whether you want big and grand, or small and intimate, G Plan has a dining table for you. On the one hand, you may wish to opt for a complete dining set, with four beautiful teak chairs from the 1970s. Among the many examples from this period are those influenced by Danish stylings, with thick rounded edges and decorative inlaid edging – perfect for a smaller dining room in need of a little warmth.

Alternatively, why not consider a more avant garde Italian design with V-shaped legs and light design. Both of these pieces are very different, but both are unique, and full of their own particular character.

This is part of what makes vintage furniture such a brilliant investment. Vinterior is dedicated to selling and celebrating items that are one-of-a-kind, and full of individual charm. While many modern furniture ranges are very attractive and well-made, they cannot compete with the style, history, or proven durability of antique and artisan furniture.

A vintage dining table is not limited to one style, or indebted to the trends of a single moment. Aesthetics ranging from art deco to minimalism to Scandinavian modernism have all proven themselves timeless, and at Vinterior you will find them all under one roof.

Buying vintage is also a very sustainable way to shop, because of the amount of upcycled and repurposed items used. Many of our G Plan dining tables have been given a fresh lease of life by someone who has taken the time and effort to lovingly restore them to their former glory.

But if a new design has as much charm, beauty and craftsmanship as the old, then you will also find it at Vinterior. In addition to their classic creations, we also house some of G Plan's newer dining table designs, which are evidence of the same dedication to creating beautiful works that made the company famous six decades ago.

Browse through the Vinterior collection of G Plan dining tables today, and see the level of craftsmanship for yourself. Rediscover your love for your dining room, with our inspiring range of stunning designs.

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