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G Plan is a world-famous furniture brand which has produced some of the most recognisable mid century dining tables and chairs. An unchanging presence in many households, G Plan dining tables blend very well with design across most eras. The timeless, simple contours of G Plan dining tables and chairs make them feasible for use in modern day dining areas both as statement design or stylish backdrop furniture.

Why Choose A G Plan Dining Table?

The wood typically used in G Plan dining tables is teak, known for its rich depth of colour and practicality for everyday use. G Plan teak is full of oil, making it the ideal material for furniture which is going to see action in busy modern life. Read to discover why investing in a G Plan dining table could be the perfect choice for your home.

Choosing The Perfect G Plan Dining Table For Your Home

One of the most famous G Plan dining tables is the round extending model. This makes it the perfect vintage table for those living in more compact spaces. A clever mid century design which folds out from the centre, you can easily fit extra guests around this G Plan dining table. A variety of designs in the G Plan chair range allows you to assemble a very stylish vintage dining suite!

Why Buy A G Plan Dining Table?

At the heart of G Plan was the creation of affordable and high quality furniture for everyday living. G Plan dining furniture became particularly desirable after the brand pursued a collaboration with budding Danish designer Ib Kofod Larsen. Commissioned to design a brand new range, including G Plan dining tables and G plan dining tables and chairs, the furniture was characterised by the same sleek and minimalist qualities elevated in Scandinavian homeware. Unsurprisingly, the highly coveted new Danish range of G Plan dining tables and chairs proved very popular. As a name that still ranks among the nation’s most favoured vintage brands, iconic G Plan dining tables and chairs make for great investment pieces

Why Shop Vinterior For Your G Plan Dining Table?

Vinterior’s large community of trusted vintage dealers means that the collection encompasses many G Plan dining tables and chairs. A sustainable way to enjoy world class design, every home can benefit from featuring a G Plan dining table. Whether you feel inspired by round or oblong tables, extending or drop leaf, enjoy the thrill of browsing the G Plan dining collection and unearthing the perfect model for your home.