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From modest beginnings in the 1920s, when Italian furniture maker Lucian Ercolani established his British business, Ercol has grown to become a leading name in quality, stylish furniture. Ercol has stood firmly as a desirable and in-demand mid-century brand for many years, identifiable by the simple lines, use of real wood and exquisite finish. Originally created for a post-war household looking to break away from the heavier, darker furniture styles of the past, vintage Ercol offers an enduring freshness that works brilliantly in contemporary homes. Take a look at the broad range of Ercol pieces listed here at Vinterior and discover why this classic furniture maker has such lasting appeal. Whether you are looking for a chair for your study, a sophisticated sofa for your living room or even a large table for your dining area, there’s an item of Ercol furniture for everyone.

The charm of mid-century Ercol furniture

Hand-crafted and meticulously well-designed, vintage Ercol works successfully as part of a host of interiors looks. Whether you’re going coolly minimalist, cosy Scandinavian or colourful 1950s, there’s a piece of Ercol for you. If you’re looking to create a bit of drama, a single statement Ercol piece renovated with a little contemporary ingenuity could be perfect.

A newly upholstered Princess chair in a sumptuous fabric will lend glamour to any social space, while an original Ercol carver or fireside chair is sure to achieve a laid-back, rustic feel. If you’re hoping to create an eclectic look in your kitchen or dining room, one or two Ercol dining chairs teamed with other hand-picked chairs, either modern or vintage, can work brilliantly. Stylish without trying too hard, this is an accessible way to introduce designer furniture into a family home.

Offering practical solutions, as well as stylish ones, Ercol is known for designing space-saving drop-leaf tables. Solid elm or beech coffee tables, 1960s dining tables complete with Quaker-style chairs, and handy side tables with drop leaf options are all ideal if you’re furnishing a bijou space. Over the decades, this brand has been prolific, as well as uncompromising in its approach to design. Aside from tables and chairs, Ercol fans can browse gorgeously simple daybeds, infinitely useful sideboards and even a few eye-catching drinks trollies.

Every piece of Ercol furniture we sell deserves to be cherished as a piece of British heritage and joy in design. Lending your home some mid-century character and post-war optimism, each chair, table, sideboard and daybed brings with it a sense of the time in which it was designed and manufactured. Used in tandem with contemporary décor, vintage furniture like this introduces layers of interest and intrigue to a space. It’s an effect that’s impossible to achieve without mixing the old with the new, utility styles with ornate finishes, natural woods with man-made materials, or vibrant colour with toned down neutrals.

New designs by Ercol

Ercol continues to design and produce the exquisite, elegant pieces today. And so you will find many new pieces from the brand listed on our online marketplace – pieces that make up for what they lack in history with genuine quality and style. Perhaps you’ll opt to make a statement with a stunning Ercol sofa or dining suite, or you’re looking to lift your storage solutions to the next level with a beautiful real wood sideboard or cabinet.

Ercol Design for the home

The Ercol aesthetic, with its curved, easy lines and unfussy finish, is both very modern and singularly mid-century. Bringing the two eras together in a harmonious dialogue, it’s also provided plenty of ideas for other homeware and furniture designers. Browse our website to discover for yourself how Ercol and other Vinterior brands transform blank spaces into character-filled, welcoming rooms for work, play and relaxation.

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