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Schreiber Furniture

The Schreiber furniture company was founded by Chaim Schreiber in 1957. In its heyday, during the 1960s and 1970s Schreiber created designs that challenged even the most established furniture companies, such as Gomme and Harris Lebus – a company they eventually bought out. After a series of mergers and buyouts, Schreiber furniture no longer exists in its original form and you’ll now find the business in the hands of UK supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s. However, you should not overlook their place in furniture design history – they originally bought out Greaves & Thomas to gain access to the upper end of the market and were also the first company to open large shopping centres dedicated to furniture shopping. Arguably they were leaders of their time in establishing the furniture sales market that we have today. Browse our listings today for Schreiber furniture.

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The Schreiber furniture standard

Due to Schreiber’s most successful period being in the 60s and 70s, you’ll find that a lot of their furniture being sold on our Vinterior marketplace originates from this time period and includes typical mid-century aesthetics. While these pieces may not be your typical ‘retro’ pieces of the period, they nonetheless have solid build characteristics.You will find lots of different furniture from chests of drawers, dining chairs and tables. You may also find some items such as wall charts that are perfect to decorate a kitchen or entrance hall. The Schreiber brand evolved from furniture into kitchen and bedroom production – Schreiber was one of the first companies to offer a ‘full-fit’ option to kit out every aspect of a room.Schreiber’s storage units are often made from wood and are predominantly finished to protect and show off their earthy natural colours. The wood used was strong and durable, such as pine and teak.These are vintage items of furniture and for that reason you can expect to find some signs of age and use. This adds character and proves their authenticity as vintage pieces. In fact, if you are looking to create a shabby chic look in your living room, bedroom or study, look carefully for an original Schreiber piece with some characterful signs of wear.

Why choose Schreiber?

Choosing Schreiber furniture gives you plenty of room to find a piece of furniture that will fit into your current interior style. There products range from the subtle and charming to the bold and everything in between. This makes finding a Schreiber item of furniture that matches with your preferred style much easier.These items have been made to last. With solid wood and clever designs, you can be assured that a vintage Schreiber piece will be sticking around for a while. This gives you more time to enjoy them and more occasions for your guests to get jealous of your unique interior.Buying Schreiber items from their heyday is also an environmentally-friendly purchase. Opting for older furniture gives them a new lease of life. Whilst new furniture is well-made, there is nothing quite like owning your own vintage piece, with its own history.

Does Schreiber still make furniture?

Schreiber's history has involved recent mergers and sales. In 1988, Schreiber was bought by the MFI Group, before being purchased by the Home Retail Group twenty years later. In 2016, the Schreiber name was no more. The pinnacle of Schreiber's design remains the functional, beautiful pieces of the mid-century.

What wood is Schreiber furniture made from?

Schreiber didn't stick to one type of wood and designed solid wood furniture as well as using more affordable veneer. Cherrywood, rosewood, oak and pearwood were the most common veneers used due to their rich grain and durability.

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