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In the middle of the 20th century Danish interior design came to the fore like never before. While the 19th and early 20th centuries had been showcased much more ornate and detailed furniture design, the post-war era became characterised by a more restrained and refined approach. And it was the Scandinavian designers of the time that exemplified this better than anyone else. Sleek, understated and versatile, Danish furniture remains a valuable style today and we have no shortage of vintage Danish pieces here at Vinterior. Explore the range of vintage Danish furniture today.

Choosing vintage Danish furniture

Danish Furniture is known primarily for its straight lines and elegant almost austere minimalistic design. However, look closely at the painstaking attention to detail and incredible build quality that goes into pieces by the likes of Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner and you can see that the devil really is in those small, subtle details. Often those details come direct from the beauty of the natural woods that these designers used so frequently. Danish furniture tends to favour teak or rosewood as the most common materials.

If you head back a little earlier into the pre-war and wartime years of the 1920s and the 1930s, you will find that style and shaping is much more curved and fluid largely because of the Art Deco influence. This trend changed in the 1950s as a more utilitarian approach was taken to furniture design.

As author of Danish Modern, Andrew Hollingsworth states, mid-century design developed during a period of “Suburban expansion and the growth of families.” He goes on to say, “The furniture was very solid, well made and family friendly . . . designed to live among people, to fit in with everything that was going on in a household.”

The importance of furniture that serves the user is an interesting one and perhaps shows how Danish furniture has continued to be so influential today – often in environments where fashion and function need to coexist.

In the 60s and 70s, the straight lines remained but the furniture tended to become more opulent. Danish designers, shaking off the post-war austerity, went with an atmosphere and mood that was lighter and more upbeat. Furniture became more flamboyant and exciting, witness the balloon chair style. But Danish culture has always celebrated the home and the family and so many traditional pieces from that time are becoming fashionable again.

Adopting Danish furniture in your home

If you love the idea of bringing Danish furniture into your home, why not start with a coffee table or a vintage sideboard in gorgeous teak. These features will accommodate almost any stylings you wish to throw at them – from rustic to industrial, minimalist to ultra-modern.

For a more comprehensive retro vibe browse our listings for stylish dining table and some uniform, utilitarian chairs from Vinterior and you have a look which works beautifully in a contemporary space and remains right on trend.

If you have a period home then you might favour the darker woods of rosewood and stained beech and the slightly softer, chunkier pieces of the 1970s which work well in smaller, beamed rooms. The button back leather sofas look totally at home in a large lounge or reception room with their deep chestnut and chocolate shades.

Here at Vinterior we offer some beautiful individual leather chairs which will become the focal point of any study or home office. We also offer occasional pieces for hallways and sideboards in all sorts of designs ranging from the glamorous cocktail cabinets of the 1930s to the stylised look of the 1970s. When you buy a sideboard, you will wonder how you ever did without such a useful and practical piece of furniture.

However you want to furnish your home, Vinterior has Danish furniture to suit your tastes. Explore our online marketplace now.