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Vintage Mannequins

Mannequins have been used in one form or another since the early 15th century. Back then they were small milliners’ mannequins. However, it is the wirework and also wax and plaster mannequins from France around the mid to late 19th century that most people are familiar with today. Vintage Mannequins are predominately used by retailers and dressmakers for displaying and showcasing clothing, although, a vintage mannequin won't look out of place as a decorative piece in a bedroom or dressing room. Whether you're looking for a way to boost sales for your retail store or a retro talking point for your home, a vintage mannequin is perfect in both scenarios. For inspiration, browse the wide selection of mannequins we have available at Vinterior. It doesn’t matter if you are after a full-sized model, a torso and head or just a head on its own, you will find what you need right here. If you are not sure what to look for, we’ve also got you covered with this handy guide.

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What to look for in vintage mannequins

First and foremost, finding the right size is an important aspect to consider when choosing a mannequin. If, for instance, you require a mannequin for the window display of your clothes shop, a mannequin that consists of just the bust and head would not be suitable. Likewise, if you're just looking for an attractive piece to give your bedroom dressing table a vintage touch, you may find a full-size model difficult to accommodate.Another important aspect of mannequins that requires your attention is the material it's made from. There have been a wide variety of materials used over the years, and at Vinterior we sell lots of them.From the more modern injected plastic to wireframe and metal, as well as the durability, the construction of a mannequin can affect how lifelike it actually looks. And how useful it is as a clothes-horse or talking point. If it's important for a vintage mannequin to look as lifelike as possible, you will want to avoid plastic. Although this is one of the most commonly used materials for mannequins, it does not produce a particularly life-like dummy.If a room in your home follows an industrial theme, both wireframe old factory mannequins can be incredibly impactful. Want to offer something other than the traditional coat hooks in your porch or hallway? A mannequin could be just the quirky solution you are looking for.

Why choose a vintage dressmaker’s mannequin?

One of the most enduring styles of mannequin that has been available throughout the years is the dressmaker’s mannequin. A vintage dressmaker’s mannequin also brings with it character. Many have naturally distressed colourings and feature wear and tear that can add to a shabby chic vibe in your home. Not only does this make them greater charm to look at than those pristine, fresh out the factory new one, it also means they come with a story, a background.

Freestanding Kitchen Island Units for Sale

If you love vintage and antique decor, the kitchen is one area where it can be difficult to stamp your personality, due to the number of appliances and mod cons covering every surface. However, there is a way to add some retro style to this room: by using freestanding kitchen islands. Although it’s certainly true you can buy contemporary kitchen islands, there are many vintage-inspired designs, too. These stunning pieces offer not only valuable storage and preparation space but also a dash of class and style. Vintage mannequins often exchange hands many times in their lifetime. It's interesting to stop and think the exciting modelling work that a vintage mannequin may have had in the past

Shop for vintage mannequins at Vinterior

Interested in finding a great vintage mannequin? At any one time we may feature a wide variety for sale. We currently have very plain and traditional models from various periods, such as the 40s and 50s. Alongside these though, we have some spectacular, if curious, pieces from lingerie manufacturer Gossard and some exquisite decorative mannequin lamps.