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With the trend for all things Nordic in full swing, Vinterior offers a classic collection of armchairs displaying the very best of Danish design spanning much of the last century. Whether you are looking for a pair of chairs, an occasional piece or a full suite, you will be sure to find what you want at Vinterior. We can help you elegantly furnish your living space be it a lounge, hallway or bedroom. Whatever the style or look you are after, our eye-catching array of Danish armchairs will have something to suit. Take a look through our Danish armchair collection and follow the story of seating design through the 20th century.

Danish armchairs: a brief history

Danish design truly became an influence on these shores in the 20th century. And more specifically, Danish and Scandinavian stylings began to dominate in the mid-century. From the rounder, scalloped shape of the 1940s to the square crisp lines of the 1950s and the luxuriously padded opulence of the 60s, Vinterior’s Danish armchairs reflect the mood of their particular era. The austere look of the 1950s gives way to the increasing feeling of optimism and colour of the 60s and 70s. Many of the pieces are teak framed – a favoured wood of the 60s and 70s – which has the power to add warmth and depth to any living space in the home.

Danish armchairs: in design

Crisp, square lines and A-frames are right on trend at the moment for a contemporary setting, and so the retro characteristics of Danish armchairs are proving as popular today as they were when they first appeared in the 20th century. Unlike the decadent upholstery of the early 20th and late 19th century, Danish armchairs of the 50s and 60s tend towards a plain look that achieves a clean and functional finish.

If anything was to encapsulate that 1970s vibe it is the egg-shaped armchair. And here at Vinterior, you can often find this iconic look featured in our listings. A deep powder blue version can make a real statement in the corner of a minimalist, eclectic living room or study. As a reading chair, swivel chairs of this time also offer the right mix of comfort and design and look good in any space.

Browse our online marketplace and you will find Danish armchairs by a range of famous designers of the last century, each capable of adding character and a welcome talking point in your home.

For lounge luxury, why not choose one of our many leather chairs from popular Danish designers sold in both pairs and as individual pieces. Leather always looks elegant and timeless in any setting, and it tolerates wear better than many fabrics – evolving slowly into a shabby chic look. A pair of vintage leather Gote armchairs with beautiful buttoned cushions in cognac leather would be certain to make a statement in even the most restrained living spaces, particularly when set on a rose stained bamboo frame. For elegant relaxation, a sumptuous pair of burgundy leather armchairs with simple buttoning on the top cushion and a beautiful curved shape to the arms is perfect for the fireside teamed with a vibrantly coloured throw.

Why choose Danish armchairs from Vinterior?

At Vinterior we work with collectors and specialists to ensure we have a consistent collection of quality and authentic pieces with a depth and range to offer a choice for every type of home and space. Many of our chairs which are shown as paired may be split if space demands just one occasional piece. Browse through Vinterior and explore our unique collection with every chair a classic design statement to bring style and individuality to your home.

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