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Would you like to bring a touch of the ever-fashionable New York loft to your home? It’s easier than you might think with Vinterior’s extensive range of industrial wall art. We feature everything from antique industrial equipment being given a new life as home decoration to bespoke oversized hanging letters and numbers. Whether you are looking for vintage posters or iconic 1940s signage, you’re sure to find it here. Browse our collection today.

Why choose industrial wall art?

There are few styles more popular than the industrial interior trend right now. But even if there isn’t a hint of an exposed brick or steel beam in your home, it is still possible to incorporate the raw and unrefined vibe into your interior. In fact, if your home is a relative blank canvas with crisp, clean surfaces and a neutral palette, a piece of industrial wall art could be all you need to achieve the industrial aesthetic.If you’re looking to scope out the perfect antique piece to complete your vintage industrial-inspired lounge, why not start by searching our enormous range of carefully sourced vintage signs? Enamel advertising boards for products as diverse as soap, petrol or cigarettes give a fantastic pop of primary colour to kitchens and bedrooms alike, whilst antique street signs and shop frontages look fabulous in narrow spaces such as hallways.

Love to be a little irreverent and unorthodox from time to time? Why not build this into your interior design with a ‘Ladies’, ‘Gents’ or ‘no smoking’ sign for a tongue-in-cheek addition to the home. When it comes to these vintage pieces, sizes range from petite, A4 sized items to enormous, attention-grabbing adverts, and prices vary too, so there’s something to suit every budget.

If it’s artwork you seek, for fascinating and beautiful imagery that doesn’t cost a fortune, search for vintage school posters, which feature gorgeous, brightly coloured pictures and maps. Equally interesting are illuminated signs, which make fantastic nightlights for kids and grownups alike! And if you are in the market for a mirror, why not have a look at our range of retro branded mirrors? They were historically used as advertisements and make wonderful, interesting gifts to be used in bedrooms and bathrooms.

We sell new, too

Don’t forget that Vinterior sells bespoke pieces from a variety of contemporary manufacturers. Think about commissioning a word or name of your choice, made out of wood, enamel or artfully rusted metal - the kind of show-stealing decoration that creates a highly personal point of interest wherever you decide to put it. Whether you want numbers for your front door, your family’s initials for the kitchen wall or a heart for your bedroom, you can place your order here at Vinterior. We also sell upcycled industrial equipment such as wheels, lights, pipes and particularly interesting pieces of machinery that can be mounted onto walls by adventurous interior decorators to create really exciting talking points.

Shop for industrial wall art with Vinterior

No matter the size or theme of your space, a piece of industrial wall art can provide you with something unique, stylish and interesting. You don’t need to live or work in a converted warehouse to indulge in the hugely diverse and exciting aspects of the trend for industrial interior chic. A great place to start if you’d like to start dabbling in it is by browsing the wide range of industrial wall art here at Vinterior, where there really is something for everyone.

Ready to be inspired? Begin your search for industrial wall art on Vinterior today and find something that’s as unique and interesting as your home.