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Art Deco Paintings

Geometric shapes. Straight lines. Loud colours. Enliven your space and curate an enviable at-home art collection with our considered edit of Art Deco paintings at Vinterior. You’ll find bright, bold, modern pieces by Art Deco painters who were liberally inspired by older schools of design, making them the ideal artworks for any room in any style of home. Whatever your taste in art, you’ll discover your one-of-a-kind art deco art in a considered selection of Art Deco paintings right here.By partnering with vintage art dealers and sellers across Europe, we’re able to offer you a fine selection of pre-owned artworks in our marketplace. Each has been hand-picked for its authenticity, quality, and unique character, ensuring you procure the perfect piece every time you buy.Shop hundreds of pre-owned Art Deco-style paintings in our vintage furniture marketplace and buy direct from trusted independent sellers today.

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Art Deco paintings for sale at Vinterior

Art Deco paintings are highly decorative pieces that will add immediate charm to any room in your house. They’ll delight you every time you pass by and impress guests. Art Deco-style paintings are vintage artworks with a deliciously modern twist and we’ve got plenty of examples to show you. Our online gallery of pre-owned Art Deco famous paintings features incredible works by well-known names, as well as exquisite pieces by artists you might not have discovered yet. Whatever your taste in art, we’re confident you’ll come across something you love because Art Deco art is such a versatile style.

You’re probably familiar with a number of the more modern design elements of Art Deco. Think geometric shapes like triangles and chevrons, straight lines interspersed with hyperbolic curves, loud colours, and lots of definitions. However, the Art Deco painting style also borrowed heavily from old traditions and schools, including Classicalism, the Pre-Raphaelites, and Impressionism. For the perfect blend of old and new influences, be sure to browse our complete collection of Art Deco-style paintings here at Vinterior.

Vintage Art Deco paintings to suit every style

All the vintage Art Deco paintings in our collection have been carefully chosen because there’s something unique and compelling about them. The clever use of old techniques combined with bold lights and a bright, modern colour palette helps them look at home in any room of the house. Abstract Art Deco paintings work best in conjunction with very simple décor – block colours and simple furnishings. For the full, early twentieth effect, pair with items of furniture, like art deco sofas, Art Deco armchairs, and Art Deco beds. For more inspiration, view our complete collection of Art Deco furniture. Or, for a more modern twist on this theme, twin your Art Deco painting with more contemporary pieces of furniture to give the room just a hint of 1920s glamour.

Buying Art Deco paintings online

Browse our collection of original Art Deco paintings at Vinterior’s online marketplace. You no longer need to visit multiple galleries, dealers, and shops to find the perfect piece by Art Deco painters – we’ve got it right here, and best of all, it’s only a couple of clicks away. With Vinterior, you can search hundreds of vintage paintings and plenty of other things, besides. Narrow your search down with keywords or dimensions or browse the lot if you’re looking for some inspiration. Buy with confidence from trusted sellers in the Vinterior marketplace now.

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