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Folk art is a style of art that acts as an expression of cultural and community identity. It isn’t influenced by the artistic styles of its time; instead folk artists are traditionally informed and inspired by their predecessors. They use traditional art forms such as painting, sculpture, printing and quilting to create pieces that are often functional as well as beautiful. Some folk art is featured on rustic furniture, while other pieces take the shape of collectible wooden talismans, painted portraits or carved masks. Nowadays, items that were never intended as art are collected as items of antique folk art – reclaimed shop frontage, for example, or rusted weathervanes. Browse our fascinating collection of folk art today.

Why choose vintage folk art at Vinterior?

Some of the most successful artists of the twentieth century, including the likes of Picasso were inspired by the motifs featured in folk art – a fact that has only helped to make this style eminently more collectible. As every culture has its own folk art, you can find something to suit your decorating scheme perfectly – from South America to Scandinavia, each style is unique and yet similarly steeped in rich history.

At Vinterior, we feature antique and vintage decorative items from over a thousand sellers, making us the leading place to source antique, vintage and artisan furniture in the UK. Their expertise helps to ensure that there is always something here on our online marketplace to help you complete your decor and elevate your interior spaces to a new level.

How to style antique folk art

If your home features an eclectic mix of styles and you’ve mined multiple eras of design in your decor, a piece of antique or vintage folk art could be the finishing touch you’ve been looking for. Mix and match the sleek, chic trappings of modernism with folk art accessories to give your home a more characterful finish – for example, a minimally decorated sitting room can be dressed with a vintage, repurposed shop sign positioned above eye level towards the picture rail. Or how about an artfully rusted weathervane for the mantlepiece? Positioning folk art portraits alongside an array of family photographs and mirrors can also add an element of intrigue to a blank wall.

Rustic painted cabinets and benches make lovely, highly usable additions to simply decorated rooms, while hand painted headboards create a special sleeping space. If your home is in need of comfort in the form of additional soft textures, be sure to look for handcrafted, folk art rugs – either as fabulous wall hangings or to add cosiness to exposed wooden floors.

If your decorating style is packed full of objects of interest, perhaps you already own some vintage folk art. If you have an eye for unique, quirky pieces, take the time to browse our listings and you will find some lovely hidden gems. Add a naively painted mask in complementing colours to your sitting room wall, for example. This type of addition is always a great great talking point for those times you have guests round to visit. And a carved floral motif makes a romantic addition to the bedroom, should you want to add a loving, sentimental touch.

Feeling inspired? Shop for vintage and antique folk art on Vinterior now and find the unique piece your home has been waiting for today.

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