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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Lamp Shades

Industrial Lamp Shades

Nothing changes the feel of a room quicker than the simple addition of a curated lighting scheme, and with our industrial lamp shade edit, you can elevate yours to chic new heights. Transform any space without the need for major work and at any budget with one of our industrial light shades. Crafted from hard-wearing metal and displaying their story through aged patination, these pieces are perfect for bringing your vision to life and illuminating your home. Whether you want to add a modern edge to your existing decor or emphasise an existing industrial-style interior, you’ll find those perfect one-of-a-kind finishing touches at Vinterior.Every industrial metal lamp shade in our collection has been carefully selected by one of our trusted sellers. Ensuring every piece you buy from Vinterior is full of character, of exceptional quality, and demonstrates design ethos all around. Shop the entire collection and buy your favourite industrial-style lamp shad from Vinteror today/

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Buying industrial lamp shades

Hard wearing, simplistic and unfinished. Industrial furniture is bold and confident but easy to merge into an existing style, especially with industrial lamp shades for sale in our edit at Vinterior. Taking inspiration from the industrial spaces of the early 20th century, this style of design embraces the architectural elements of a room. Whether it’s exposed beams, unfinished brickwork or visible pipes. Industrial style doesn’t conceal these functional elements of a home but instead celebrates them.

Want to experiment with the industrial trend without commitment? Maybe you want to see if it suits your style without the expense or effort of installing a large piece? Or perhaps you just want one touch of industrial style to toughen up your existing look? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then an industrial lamp shade (or two) is the perfect place to start.

Industrial light shades are key in industrial styling. Think of the hanging fittings of a factory floor or warehouse space and the effect can be easily achieved by adding a shade. Choose industrial-style lamp shades in hard-wearing enamel in neutral tones of grey, brown and cream for the area over a dining table or sitting area. When it comes to the bedroom or living areas, tabletop and free-standing lamps can also benefit from an industrial metal lamp shade makeover. Seek out super unusual pieces made from upcycled items like projectors and heat lamps for real talking points.

Styling your industrial lamp shade

If your industrial lamp shade has kick-started a passion for the style then Vinterior has plenty of other pieces to inspire you. If you’ve chosen an industrial light shade to add style to your dining room or kitchen, a set of industrial dining chairs is the perfect accompaniment. Look for natural fabrics. Woven styles are super on trend right now. Pick versions with chrome foundations for a finish that’s 100% industrial. Want something a little quirkier? Return to your school days with a set of stacking cafetiere-style chairs. Stylishly practical, they have both form and function.

Want a little less maintenance so you can play around with the positioning? Use your new industrial lamp shade to draw attention to a piece of industrial wall art. This practical decor style doesn’t exclude aesthetic choices, just make sure they are in keeping. Think stark monochrome prints, cult pop art moments and architectural depictions and you’re there.

Curate your industrial lighting scheme in perfect style thanks to Vinterior. Shop the collection above and support independent sellers when you buy today.

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