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The term ‘retro’ is a broad field, although typically it refers to styles that are from the recent past over the last century or so – styles that are now considered fashionable and appealing once more. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add a little nostalgic charm to your home is with retro lamp shades. Transform an old lamp into a kitsch statement piece for your living space, combine retro lamp shades with vintage and antiques for an eclectic and characterful feel, or insert some brightly coloured retro lamp shades into an uber modern monochrome room. However you choose to feature a retro lamp shade in your home, whether it’s on a floor lamp, ceiling light or table lamp, you’ll find a rich collection of authentic retro pieces at Vinterior.

The charm of retro lamp shades

If you are looking for modern lamp shades with a subtle retro edge, or seeking something more groovy and playful, or even authentic 70s, 80s and 90s lamp shades for your interior space, you can easily find the exact style you’re looking for at Vinterior.

Typical examples of retro lamp shades include those made from statement materials and featuring bright colours and patterns. If you’re looking to inject a little 70s style into your home, opt for a lavish stained glass or acrylic ceiling lamp shade, and instantly bring a splash of colour to a hallway, living space or kitchen.

1980s lamp shades typically have a futuristic vibe. Choose lamp shades made from industrial materials such as frosted glass, chrome and polished aluminium. A retro 80s chandelier also makes for a wonderful feature light for any kind of social space or corridor.

1990s lamp shades are often characterised by their bold patterns and bright colours: add a retro 90s desk lamp shade to a child’s bedroom, or add a nostalgic cosiness to an office space or living room with a boldly patterned wall sconce.

With so many styles of original retro lamp shades to choose from, as well as modern reproductions of classic looks from the past few decades, you’re sure to find the perfect piece that has personal significance for you, and enables you to bring your own personality to any interior look.

Shop for retro lamp shades with Vinterior

Searching for the perfect lamp shades and other accessories is made much more enjoyable if you are looking for a retro piece. Discover all the eclectic, offbeat retro items available on our online marketplace, and feel inspired by nostalgia-inducing products that stir your soul and create a genuine emotional attachment.

An interior space doesn’t only need to be functional: retro pieces allow you to inject fun and character wherever you put them. Lamp shades are a fantastic way to bring colour, texture and personality to a room, and, depending on the style, shape and colour of shade you choose, they allow you to edit the lighting levels and colours in your space. This gives you complete control over the mood of your room, and if you’re not happy or you want a change, lamp shades are easy to remove and replace.

Whether you’re sourcing the perfect floor lamp shade to place as a statement piece in a hallway, or seeking authentic matching 80s ceiling lamp shades for a nostalgic kitchen setup, you’ll find a wealth of beautiful and quirky retro lamp shades at Vinterior. Get inspired and shop the collection today.