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Retro Lamp Shades

Brighten up your rooms with one of our retro lamp shades here at Vinterior. From industrial to boho and mid-century to art deco, we’ve got a variety of retro lamp shades for sale that are perfect for bringing your lighting scheme into sharp focus. Choose a polka-dot angled sconce shade from the 1960s that’ll bring to mind days gone by or opt for 1990s nightclub fibreglass lamp shade to hang over a racingly retro home bar.

Strictly defined to any object created between 20 and 40 years ago, at Vinterior, we take a slightly more cerebral approach. In our collection of retro vintage lamp shades, you’ll find pieces that could be within living memory of those who are seeking them out. That’s why you’ll discover one-of-a-kind retro pendant lamps from the 50s and 60s alongside retro table lamp shades from the 80s and 90s.

Explore our entire marketplace of retro lamp shades for sale today and support independent sellers when you shop at Vinterior.

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What are retro lamp shades?

Take your home back in time. Add a sense of nostalgia. Or just find beautiful pieces you love in our selection of retro lamp shades. Memorable styles of retro lamp shades from these decades include the atomic shade, the multi-tiered shade and the drum lamp shade. And recognisable patterns include geometric squares and circles, anything space related and abstract squiggly lines (a pattern often on fibreglass shades). These memorable styles and recognisable patterns from the four decades are making a comeback, which is why you need a retro pendant lamp shade or two in your home.

Choose retro light shades to suit your home

Retro light shades are a great way to add a little playfulness and nostalgia into your home, while watching your budget. Choosing the right retro vintage lamp shade for your home is essential. So, we’ve got a large collection of shades to suit every home, style and personality. Go for understated 1950s designs, swinging 1960s shapes, earthy 1970s tones or whacky designs from the 1980s.

One way to choose the right lamp shade for your home is by drawing inspiration from your favourite decade. For example, you could pick a classic white or pale pink linen retro vintage lamp shade, complete with tassels to create a characterful 1950s feel in your living room. Or you could go for a quirky and colourful shade from the 1980s to spruce up your bedroom. Another option for selecting the right retro light shade is to focus on the colours and find a shade that complements your home’s colour scheme. Our boutiques and independent sellers have a variety of colours to choose from, including neutral whites, hippie browns, space age silvers, and so many more.

Or you might want to find the ideal vintage retro lamp shade by material. Retro light shades used materials such as chrome, glass, cotton, brass, plastic, enamel and wood. You’ll find it all here. Looking for more retro lighting for your home?

Browse our selection of retro wall lights or retro floor lamps.

Style your retro lamp shades

Retro lamp shades and lights can be paired effortlessly with any number of styles. The funky and vibrant colours that come with retro can complement antique furniture. And if you love mid century modern furniture in your home because of its simplicity, but still feel like you’re missing a personal touch, adding a retro lamp shade can solve your problem. Having a funky light shade might feel a little too much. But you can style loud lights withvintage pots and planters to create a calmer and more relaxed feel. Retro isn’t all about funkiness though. If you prefer a plainer lamp shade from the 60s, why not couple it alongside vibrant art deco or pop art wall art?

Retro lamp shapes for sale in in the UK

Shop Vinterior today to find your dream retro lamp shades. We partner with dedicated sellers across Europe to help you source those perfect pieces for your home, all from one place, here.

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