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It’s hard to overstate the importance of good lighting in the home. From ceiling lights to wall sconces to desk lamps, every piece of lighting creates it own mood in your home, changing the way a space looks and feels entirely. But the role of lighting shouldn’t just be to impact the rest of your furniture, it should also stand out as its own attractive design element. That’s why choosing vintage lighting is a smart choice, as vintage furniture is known for its character and quality. The iconic Anglepoise lamp is a prime example of this, so why not enjoy exploring the collection of vintage Anglepoise lamps featured here at Vinterior?

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What is an Anglepoise lamp?The Anglepoise lamp is an iconic piece of design, instantly recognisable by its balanced joint, which allows the freedom to move the domed head up, down and around. The lamp was the brainchild of British designer George Carwardine, who at the time of the lamp’s invention was a car designer and a freelance design consultant specialising in vehicle suspension systems.When working on suspensions, George created a mechanism which he felt could be applied to other fields, especially the task lamp. The joints and spring tension allowed the lamp to be moved into a wide range of positions. Demand for the Carwardine’s lamp grew so quickly that he swiftly entered into a licensing agreement with Herbert Terry and Sons on 22nd February 1934.In 1935, the iconic 1227 Anglepoise was released and proved extremely popular, even being advertised as the “ideal blackout lamp” during the Second World War. The ground-breaking use of springs in the design has also since been used in computer display screens, stationary and microphones. And in 1948 the BBC issued a rule that all rooms in their offices had to be lit by an Anglepoise.Using vintage Anglepoise lamps in your homeNowadays, vintage Anglepoise lamps are highly sought after due to their sleek, attractive and highly functional designs. There are also plenty of options to choose from when it comes to filling your home with the Anglepoise’s signature flair. A classic metallic Herbert Terry lamp can bring an industrial charm to any desk, creating a workspace which feels not only attractive, but highly functional.Alternatively, choosing a different Herbert Terry model in a bold colour such as lime green, red or orange can add a real element of fun to any space. This makes it the perfect addition to a homely living room, a bright kitchen space or even a child’s bedroom – especially if they have their own homework desk. The Anglepoise silhouette is iconic, and simply screams luxury as well as practicality. Any room in your home can be elevated by this simple yet effective addition.Find vintage Anglepoise lamps at VinteriorYou’ll find an array of original Anglepoise lamps right here at Vinterior. Our extensive lighting collection includes thousands of items from across many different historical eras of design – from antique designs to contemporary pieces. We simply seek out furniture with character, quality, charm and its own story to tell, which is why Anglepoise lamps fit so perfectly in our collection.If you’re looking to bring some stylish light into your home, why not invest in a little piece of history? Explore the range of Anglepoise lamps available right here at Vinterior.Work in the furniture trade?Are you a trade seller or buyer with vintage Anglepoise lamps you wish to feature on our online marketplace? Find out more about registering as an official Vinterior trade seller here or join our free Trade Program here.

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