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Art Nouveau lamps are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and glamour to any room. Whether you want to make your living room feel more sophisticated, your bedroom more sumptuous or just generate a greater sense of style and character in a hallway, it’s well worth browsing the range of Art Nouveau lamps you will find here at Vinterior. These lighting options range from the bright, colourful and detailed Dragonfly lamps through to the more basic and straight-edged lamps created by Scandinavian designers. Here at Vinterior we have a wide range of these stunning lamps available to inspire you and light up your home, so take a look through our selection and find the right one to complete your collection!

What to expect from a vintage Art Nouveau lamp

These lamps come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes so it is important that you take time to consider which is the right option for you and your space before you commit to a purchase. Due to the creativity of the designers, you will find these lamps in metal, glass and a combination of the two materials.

One particular trend that became popular at the turn of the 20th century when Art Nouveau was first in fashion, is that of acid-etched lampshades and detailed designs along every surface. While this look may not always work in a room that already features loud patterns and plenty of bold colours, it can work wonderfully in a room with plainly upholstered sofas or simple wooden coffee tables.

The use of materials such as leaded glass, iron and rich wood can also be important in adding a sense of depth and richness to a room with light walls. Many French creators took their inspiration from floral patterns and shapes during the Art Nouveau period while British designers such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh preferred to use rather more austere and geometric designs.

Why choose a vintage Art Nouveau lamp?

What you can be most confident about is that choosing a vintage Art Nouveau lamp for your home will give it a sense of character and identity that is hard to replicate. While homes up and down the country may be filled with mass-market products that are flimsy and disposable, you will have a piece that has stood the test of time and has a genuine sense of identity.

The character that comes with a vintage piece of lighting is something that you are simply unable to replicate in a modern day equivalent. Each of these lamps has its own unique history – from the homes or settings it has been in to the way that it can be repurposed for a different function.

Whether the design for the lamp you choose was first thought up in the hustle and bustle of 19th century London, or whether it’s floral pattern reflects the open fields its creator lived in France, each Art Nouveau lamp promises that special feeling that you simply cannot replicate on the high street.

As well as purchasing a part of history, by buying vintage you are also benefiting the future of the planet. Every vintage lamp that finds a new home has been saved from a potential life in landfill. And, as well as helping to slow the throwaway culture we live in today, you are also securing a historic piece for future generations to enjoy. These are beautiful items that need to be cherished, and you are doing just that!

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