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With their bold shapes, muted colours and timeless glamour, art deco ceiling lamp shades have never gone out of fashion. Add a splash of vintage charm to a contemporary living room. Or add the finishing touch to a 1920s-inspired bedroom. These elegant fixtures are packed full of personality. Browse our collection and find a unique art deco lamp shade for your home.

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  • What are art deco ceiling lamp shades?

    The roaring 20s were all about hedonism. The biggest houses. The craziest parties. And the most extravagant furnishings. The decade marked the advent of art deco design. You’ll find gorgeous pieces characterised by statement shapes, fine materials and flamboyant embellishment.

    If you’re looking to incorporate a little 1920s style into your home, an art deco lamp shade is a great place to start. Available in a wide range of designs and materials, these statement fittings add character while blending seamlessly with a range of décor styles. Though the majority of lamp shades from the art deco period are made from glass, you can also find fabric shades, ceramic designs and art deco beaded lamp shades.

  • Decorating with art deco ceiling lamp shades

    At first glance, art deco ceiling lamp shades may seem like a loud addition to your home. But fear not — these unique fixtures are surprisingly versatile. To avoid visual clutter, use an art deco lamp shade to create a focal point in a minimalist space. Clear and opaque glass lights look great in neutral toned rooms, adding visual interest without overwhelming existing décor. You can also incorporate sculptures and other artwork from the same era to help tie the space together.

    Feeling more experimental? Why not go all out and create a boudoir-style bedroom with velvet accent chairs, bevelled mirrors and of course, a glitzy art deco ceiling lampshade.

    The art deco movement’s charm lies in its ability to infuse any space with tasteful glamour. It allows you to add a hint of luxury to your home. For best results, opt for a gold or brass fixture with a frosted glass shade or a funky Sputnik-style chandelier.

  • Where to find an art deco beaded lampshade?

    Art deco beaded lampshades are some of the most iconic and original furnishings to come out of the 20s design movement. Often made from glass or fabric, the shades have layers of decorative fringing strung with multicoloured glass beads. When illuminated from within, they cast beautifully intricate shadows on the surrounding walls.

    If you’re looking for an art deco beaded lampshade, a search of the Vinterior website is sure to bring you what you need. You can also cast an eye over our selection of art deco floor lamps for more vintage decorating ideas.