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Art Deco lampshades: style in illumination

Home decor accessories can have a big impact on the final look of a room, and can either be created to match or contrast with the rest of your furniture. If you’ve got plain and minimalist decor, a striking lampshade can add a point of interest. Rooms with a more classic decor will benefit from a lampshade that is complementary and in neutral tones.

The great thing about Art Deco is that there’s a wonderful divergence of styles and colours, with bright and funky lampshades available alongside more muted colours, too. Whether you want to go bold or enjoy understated elegance, there is an Art Deco lampshade that will match what you’re looking for.

This eclectic range of styles ensures that Art Deco fits well into contemporary decor, fusing vintage glamour with modern practicality.

Art Deco lampshades at Vinterior: A world of choice

The Art Deco look burst onto the scene after World War I in the roaring 20s. Originating in France, the style soon crossed the Atlantic and became the sign of glamour and sophistication during the Golden Age of Cinema. Art Deco is an instantly recognisable style that has never really lessened in appeal. Still a look that’s much sought after today, Art Deco lampshades are right on trend if you are about to begin a new design project.

If you are looking for an early Art Deco lampshade, the design is likely to be primarily glass. With milky, opaque colours, these distinctive-looking lamps heralded the introduction of the new style. Later in the Art Deco era, glass was intertwined with metals with a nod to the new age of machines. Edward Brandt lamps are a classic example of this, using wrought iron and glass to great effect.

The Art Deco style was to continue to become more flamboyant, adding more bold details to the lampshades. Linear and geometric motifs are trademarks of later Art Deco style, combining wood, opaque glass, metal and a variety of designs with zig-zags, sunbursts and parallel lines.

Whatever type of Art Deco style lampshade appeals to you, the clean and striking look is certain to complement your home.

Discover Art Deco lampshades with Vinterior

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