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Antique Tea and Coffee Sets

Our collection of delicate antique tea and coffee sets brings a sense of elegance to the everyday, or can be used as a beautiful decoration for your next dinner party. Whether you want to use your antique tea and coffee set, or simply display it as a luxurious piece of decoration, we have you covered.

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Antique tea and coffee sets

Antique tea and coffee sets can add a sense of ritual and calm to an everyday activity like drinking tea, or bring a sense of history and beauty to any room. Choose from pretty floral patterns on delicate china from London in the 19th century, delicate porcelain cups with saucers, copper or polished silver. Our antique tea and coffee sets come from all over the world, including Indian silver sets, traditional Italian coffee pots and original Chinese china. You’ll also find rich rosewoods and teak tea caddies which take you back to the times of the East India Trading Company and its fragrant tea blends from a new world.

Display your antique tea and coffee set on an antique table or even an antique French writing bureau for the full effect. Alternatively, you can display the set as part of a collection of other antique kitchenware, including antique plates, trays and antique serving dishes.

Antique silver plated tea and coffee sets

Our collection of antique silver plated tea and coffee sets works well with other items in our antique silverware collection, as well as on its own as a centrepiece. Silver tea and coffee pots are popular with both collectors and those who simply want a beautiful item for their home.

Find exactly what you’re looking for in our huge collection of antique tea and coffee sets. Our community of over 1,800 small boutique furniture shops carefully source and care for each piece they offer. We allow you to support local businesses while finding the perfect piece for your home.