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Whether you are a fan of bold colourful rooms or neutral spaces, sleek minimalist designs or spaces with all the bells and whistles, there is one thing that we all want our homes to have – and that’s character. A few unique additions to a space can help to generate a unique personality that you won’t find in any other home. A fantastic example of furnishings that can instantly add character is Staffordshire pottery. With a rich history of design, artistic flair and community behind them, these quirky and charming pieces are designed to grab attention and spark conversation. Explore a stunning collection of classic Staffordshire pottery right here at Vinterior.

Staffordshire pottery – a little piece of history

Staffordshire designs get their name from their place of origin, having been created in the Staffordshire potteries area of the United Kingdom. This area, located in the Midlands, was once the centre of six separate towns – Burslem, Fenton, Longton, Stoke, Hanley and Tunstall, Nowadays, this area is Stoke on Trent.

For centuries, this area has been the centre of pottery production in the UK. Thanks to the area’s plethora of lead, salt, clay and coal, Staffordshire was a poor place for farming but the perfect place for creating attractive pottery. In its heyday, hundreds of manufacturers created pottery in the area, with Wedgwood, Spode, Minton, Aynsley, Doulton and Twyford being some of the biggest distributors throughout Staffordshire pottery’s history.

In the 1600s, salt glazing and saggars were used by local potters, while the 1700s saw the innovation of grinding flint in water. During this time, Spode also brought bone china on to the market, and designers began using transfers to intricately decorate their pots. Thanks to road improvement, foreign clay also became commonly used. All of these elements came together to create stunning pieces of delicate pottery that today can be seen as little pieces of history.

Introducing Staffordshire pottery into your home

Antique Staffordshire figurines each possess their own individual history and character to explore. These colourful characters add a quaint charm to any space, making them a stunning conversation piece in any living or dining room. Delicate decorations, soft colour palettes and whimsical designs are hallmarks of Staffordshire pieces, especially those from the 19th century as pottery was popular during the Victorian period.

Staffordshire pottery often comes in matching pairs of figurines, which naturally makes them perfect for placing on the mantlepiece. Alternatively, a pair of Staffordshire figurines can work as decorative bookends on a bookshelf, or a single Staffordshire piece can act as the centrepiece of a windowsill or coffee table. Any surface in the home can benefit from this imaginative pottery, from the kitchen counter to the hall console table.

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