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Chinese Tea Sets

According to legend, Emperor Shen Nong first discovered the joy of tea when some leaves from a tree fell into his pot of boiling water on a blustery day in 2732 B.C. There’s a reason why people often use idioms that talk about “all the tea in China”. From exquisitely hand-painted antique Chinese tea caddies to simple Chinese tea tins, and from Qianlong Chinese coffee cups to 19th century Canton bone china teapots, you can explore a rich Far Eastern heritage of tea and coffee in our exclusive edit.Every piece of Chinese teaware has been hand-picked by our experts for its quality, beauty, and uniqueness. Buy a Chinese tea caddy from Vinterior and you’ll struggle to find another. Owning the only one means your home becomes more characterful and personal.Marvel at a blue and white antique Chinese teapot in your display cabinet. Use a Chinese tea tin for your favourite brew bags. Or add to your silver collection with a solid silver cased cup and saucer made in China in the 1800s for the Western tourist market. Buy home decor and kitchenware with a back story. Explore the collection below.

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Why is tea so important in China?

Tea isn’t simply a delicious warming brew in China. It holds huge cultural significance. Since 2732 B.C. tea has become an integral part of celebrations, ceremonies, social events, and banquets. Buddhist monks have utilised the medicinal qualities of oolong and green tea blends for centuries. They also drink tea to stop tiredness taking over during long meditation periods.

Alongside the significance of tea comes an array of magnificent tea sets, caddies and pots that help to store, brew and serve the beloved beverage.

Antique Chinese teaware for sale at Vinterior

During the Tang Dynasty period between 618 and 907 B.C. tea leaves began to be cultivated at scale. As leaves were dried, storage vessels were required to maintain the potency of the tea. Chinese tea caddies became popular and are now highly sought-after today. Octagonal, cube or jar-like, antique Chinese tea caddies are ornately decorated by hand with mythical beasts, Chinese legend scenes, or floral imagery. You could also enjoy exploring our range of Chinese teapots. What better way to brew your favourite blend than with a gorgeous blue and white teapot dating from the Qing dynasty period? Having lasted a century or more our collection of Chinese teaware is usable and durable. However, each piece transcends function and is a piece of art in its own right. Showcase your Chinese treasures with your trinkets, place in a display cabinet, or adorn a bookshelf with an antique Chinese tea tin, tea set or tea caddy.

There’s no need to endure dawn starts to traipse around antique fairs at the weekend anymore. Vinterior’s sourced the finest quality Chinese antique tea sets from across the U.K. and Europe. Browse our hand-picked edit of Chinese teaware and add Far Eastern charm to your home today.

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