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Antique Candle Holders

Browse our collection of antique candle holders and choose the perfect one to complement your kitchen, dining or living room. Gold, glass, and silver candle holders from the eighteenth century create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury, while brass has loftier connotations.

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Antique silver candle holders

In the eighteenth century, that great age of candles before the invention of electric lighting, the British nobility used various types of candle holders to light their dining and drawing rooms. They favoured materials like glass and silver, because they were opulent, expensive, and reflected the light beautifully. In our collection of antique silver candleholders, we have beautiful pairs from that era, as well as exquisitely fashioned Victorian candelabras.

Antique brass candle holders

Brass candle holders were more commonly used in public settings than domestic ones. They may once have stood in churches or public offices. Often, they come in pairs, like the ones that would previously have stood at either end of a church altar. These pairs are perfect for creating symmetrical displays on tables or sideboards in your home.

How to decorate using antique candle holders

There’s something magical about the warm glow of candles in the modern age. In addition to their physical warmth, they create a cosier atmosphere than today’s bright and practical approach to lighting. Here are a few ideas of how you can decorate using antique candle holders and add a little sparkle to your home.

1. Place an antique candlestick by a mirror. The flame, when it’s lit, will add depth to the mirror’s reflection, making the room look bigger. It will lend an extra shine to the glass, too. Our collection of antique mirrors fits perfectly with this style.

2. Create a dining room centrepiece. No matter the occasion – a romantic dinner in for two, a family celebration, or a dinner party with friends – create the ultimate elegant centrepiece for your table using antique candle holders. Think nineteenth century class: an antique dining table plus a sparkling candelabra. Exquisite.

3. Twin with a contemporary painting
For an aura of complete opulence, position an antique sideboard in front of a wall adorned with a contemporary painting. Candlelight looks especially atmospheric in front of oil work. Our collection of oil paintings contains thousands of pieces from the 1500s onwards, produced in Great Britain and across Europe and America.

Antique candle holders for sale

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