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Crystal Candle Holders

Crystal candle holders are having a major moment right now thanks to the rise of tablescaping. Fans of cosy intimate lighting and chic dining experiences will fall in love with our range of vintage crystal candle holders. Buy a full set for polished chic. Or mix and match for a cottagecore effect.

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Gorgeous vintage crystal candle holders UK

Part utility, part decorative. From the necessity of the 1700’s right up to the aesthetics of the 1980’s. Vintage crystal candle holders have earned their rightful place on chic mantelpieces and table settings for centuries. The perfect way to emphasise the romance of a burning flame, crystal is a popular material for candle holders precisely because of its ability to reflect, mirror and intensify the light given from a candle.

Crystal candle holders give you a low effort, maximum impact way to add drama and decadence to any setting. Use yours to add an intimate glow when you turn the lights low. Or just to show off your latest purchases.

Purists should look out for big classic design names like Baccarat, the French glass house. Established in the second half of the 18th century Baccarat has been a byword for elegance ever since. Their pieces represent an investment that will rapidly become a family heirloom. Seek out chandelier style pendants and vintage crystal candle holders with prisms for high drama.

You don’t have to invest quite so heavily to get into the trend however. There are plenty of late 20th century pieces to be found that suit all budgets and tastes. From the novelty shapes of the 60s and 70s to the over the top styling of the 1980’s via imitation candelabra styles. There are plenty at an entry level price point too.

Styling your vintage crystal candle holders

A pair of vintage crystal candle holders is perennially chic either side of a mantelpiece. They serve as a wonderful place to tuck all of those invitations behind and add some opulence to your fireplace setting.

If you like to keep things a little less formal, a collection of mismatched vintage crystal candle holders give a quirkily cool feel when styled together. Group them in odd numbers, threes or fives. And mix up your candles, choosing on-trend twisted effects as well as classic tapers and experimenting with different shades.

Place them in front of a mirror to reflect both the crystal and the burning flame. Or use your vintage crystal candle holders to illuminate a treasured piece of art.

Buying vintage crystal candle holders

When buying vintage crystal candle holders of any type, condition is key. At Vinterior we only source our products from a trusted range of suppliers. Use our advanced search options to filter by budget, style and location.