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Vintage Glass Candle Holders

With their subtle and reflective charm, vintage glass candle holders have the kind of chic design elements that never go out of style. If you’ve been looking for a way to add a touch of refinement to your home, you’ve found it right here in our curated collection. Cut glass, with its sharp lines and corners, makes quite a bold statement. If it’s the soft touch you’re after, try pressed glass instead for a much glossier finish. Available in a range of bold colours and designs, our marketplace includes vintage Murano glass candle holders mouth-blown by Venetian experts and styles from the Georgian and Victorian eras and throughout the 20th century.Sources entirely by dedicated dealers and specialist sellers, the pre-owned glass candle holders for sale in our marketplace are full of character and unique style. Shop the collection at Vinterior today.

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Vintage glass candle holders for sale at Vinterior in the UK

Vintage glass candle holders will make a subtle but sparkling difference to the decoration of your room. Think how the light catches the glass and sends rainbows across the carpet. Our collection of glass candle holders from the 20th century contains pieces in a range of different styles and designs. Use our Advanced Search to narrow down your options or check out the additional info below.

Styles of vintage glass candle holders available in our marketplace

Vintage cut glass candle holders: Cut glass is characterised by its surface design, which is decorated with prism shapes. These shapes are refractive, meaning light changes as it passes through them, making their reflections brighter and more brilliant. Modern forms of glass cutting were refined in the late 1500s in Europe. And it became popular amongst glassmakers in England and Ireland approximately 150 years later. We’ve got glass candle holders that were made as far back as the 18th century in our collection.

But if you’re specifically looking for vintage Murano glass candle holders, you will be looking for those from the 20th century. You can filter your search results by selecting the style and period of origin of the piece you’re looking for in the sidebar. Within our collection of vintage cut glass candle holders, keep an eye out for the different patterns, including exquisite diamond shapes, stars, and scalloped fans.

Vintage pressed glass candle holders

Pressed glass is a type of moulded glass, produced using techniques developed in the 19th century as a cheaper alternative to cutting glass. Although some designers wanted to mimic the jagged feel of cut glass, pressed glass tends to have a smoother, glazed finish, in contrast to the sharp points of its older counterpart. If you’re in any doubt about which you are buying, there’s a very simple way to tell the difference between the two styles. Cut glass candle holders will always carry a pontil mark on the bottom (a scar that shows where the pontil was broken off after the work was finished). Pressed glass candle holders, which are moulded rather than blown, do not bear these marks.

Styling your vintage glass candle holders

Vintage glass candle holders are an elegant way to finish off your dining table if you’re expecting company. Or if you just want to dress your kitchen/dining room up a little. Looking to give those rooms a total makeover? Take a look at our full collection of vintage dining table and chair sets and choose a stunning centrepiece not just for the kitchen, but for the whole house. And to add extra atmosphere to your dining area, why not add a vase full of fresh flowers, and some shiny new-old cutlery to your place settings as well?

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