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Candle Holders

Ceramic Candlestick Holders

Candles bring a romantic, almost ethereal ambience to any room. From church-style cylindrical candles to more elegant candelabra-style candlesticks, each evokes a sense of elegance and calm. Vinterior’s collection of gorgeous candle holders includes the gothic-inspired antique candelabra that wouldn’t be seen out of place on Bram stoker’s writing desk to simple mid-century ceramic candlesticks with their clean lines, simple form, and muted colours. Whether you’re furnishing a commercial project or simply after some novel pieces of home decor for your interior, we’ve got you covered.

Looking to create some subtle mood lighting in your home in the evenings? Short ceramic candle holders like those produced by Sejer Keramik in the 1960s look fantastic around a fireplace or adorning a table or two. And if you’re eager to dress your dining table for a gathering of gastronomic delights with friends, long-necked candlestick holders add height to your table dressing while looking elegant and sophisticated.

Every ceramic candlestick holder has been hand-selected for its beauty, charm and integrity. Let Vinterior lend you a helping hand and add some unique flourishes to your home decor.

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Can you use ceramic as a candle holder?

Ceramics have been used as candle holders for centuries. From antique candelabras to honeycomb drip mid-century modern candle holders, this material is a fantastic vessel for candles. However, before being used as a candle holder, ceramics need to undergo special treatment to ensure they are no longer porous. They need to be glazed to ensure they are impermeable to candle wax or any other liquid.

How are ceramic candlestick holders made?

Nearly all ceramic candlestick holders start life as a piece of clay. Firstly, an artisan would work out the circumference of the candle they making the holder for. This would dictate how much clay was needed. Then, the clay would be worked by hand or using a wheel to create the shape required.

Many creative Italian artisans chose to craft ornate pieces with art nouveau-inspired curves in the mid-century, while delftware saw smaller cable holders formed out of clay. Once the shape was complete, a wet piece of material would be gently placed across all exposed parts of the candle holder to smooth the surface and remove any holes. The candle holder was then ready for firing in a kiln. Paints and a glaze would then be applied for decoration before a final firing to ensure the candle holder was non-porous and safe to use.

Keen to explore the wonderful array of ceramic candlesticks available at Vinterior. Shop the collection above.

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