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Few home items exude glamour and elegance as much as the chandelier. In their earliest form, chandeliers held candles and were as much an elaborate display of wealth as a piece of furniture with any real ability to illuminate a room: indeed, the term chandelier is French and translates to ‘candle holder’. Yet, one thing has remained consistent as the chandelier has moved to the electric light bulb: it is a piece of furniture that has the power to add drama, style and even a touch of magic to a room. As a piece of decorative art, there are few things more beautiful than an antique chandelier from France. Discover a treasure trove of beautiful antique French chandeliers at Vinterior, and find the perfect one for your home today.

The charm of the French chandelier

Antique French chandeliers are in a category of their own when it comes to decorative lighting. There are many different styles of chandelier, and they can be made from a wide range of materials, although typically antique French chandeliers were crafted from bronze, brass and adorned with crystal and glass beads. The exquisite work of French craftsmen in the 17th and 18th Centuries have seen imitations crop up frequently throughout the centuries that followed. But the originals remain some of the most appreciated and sought-after chandeliers to this day.

There are also many different shapes, sizes and styles of French chandelier: perhaps the most famous of which is the ormolu style industrial chandelier, comprised of delicately and evenly positioned rows of crystal or glass beads, arranged in an impressive globe-like shape. This style of chandelier creates a dramatic statement lighting alternative, or simply a decorative piece for a dining or living area, or hung above a hallway or staircase to fill an empty space with eye-catching sparkle.

Alternatively, a gilt bronze chandelier featuring multiple crystal and/or stained-glass pendants, droplets, beads and other shapes, creates a dynamic and intriguing feature piece for a space in need of a splash of colour or light.

Contemporary meets classic

The chandelier is a piece that seems set to never go out of fashion. A symbol of decadence and wealth, today the French creation remains a popular feature piece with which to adorn and light homes, both contemporary and classic.

The timeless beauty and irresistible sparkle of a crystal or glass chandelier makes it the perfect addition to all kinds of interior looks. Whether you’re adding to your collection of antique and vintage European pieces, or injecting a touch of history and character into a fresh, minimalist modern apartment, the chandelier is a sure fire way to create a beautiful focal point for any room. At the very least, a stunning chandelier will provide an easy ice-breaker and talking point every time you invite guests to your home.

At Vinterior, find impressive, gothic-inspired gilt bronze chandeliers, dainty silver-plated matching sets with electric bulbs, and 18th and 19th Century beaded crystal chandeliers, complete with original bronze carvings and suspended elegantly on a brass chain. All our antiques are rigorously checked to make sure they are in pristine condition, and in full working order.

Whichever style of chandelier takes your fancy, find the perfect one for your home at Vinterior.

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