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Outdoor floor lamps are useful to any garden enthusiast’s decor. They offer aesthetic, ambiance, security and guidance to ensure you can use your garden to the maximum usage. This will ensure that your garden is atmospheric, interactive and holistic.

How to use outdoor floor lamps in your home

In recent years, outdoor floor lamps are used for social circles to gather and hang out around as they provide heat. Outdoor floor lamps imitating interior lamps can give the illusion of your sitting room shifting to the outside.
To keep your social life ongoing and everlasting, it is best to ensure that your lighting is wired to the correct safety regulations and that it is weather proof in case you have humid or windy conditions.

How to make outdoor floor lamp lighting work for your garden and make it safe

Everyone’s home is different when it comes to the location, the weather conditions and the style. Here are some general tips for setting up your lighting in your garden, especially if you are based in the UK.
- Use good-quality, compact, waterproof light fittings. Ideally, they must be IP67 or 68 rated.
- Use LED lights rather than halogen as they are low energy. Opt for warm white rather than cool white. This leaves a softer glow to your outdoor space.
- Use GFCI outlets for all exterior lighting. It’s the law!
- Outdoor-rated fixtures and extension cords are really important. It has to be protected from the rain, wind and more moisture in the atmosphere.
- Ensure cabling is well protected from rodents, squirrels and foxes

Common styles and types of outdoor floor lamps

What are common outdoor floor lamps provided on the Vinterior search page?

The Swiss Look

A prime style from the 1950s-60s, the Swiss Look offers a contemporary, run and retro look to your garden should you wish to add a pop of colour to your landscaping. This style incorporates modern, sleek and geometric shapes.

The Military Look

This look embodies function and practicality. Military lights are often flood lit and hard wearing to ensure you can optimise the lighting of your garden best to its ability. This is a great choice for the entertainers or the safety-crazed, since this prevents burglars coming into your garden.

The Traditional Look

The 19th century look is timeless and classic, especially in Europe. They are often made of wood or cast iron, and use softer and fluid shapes. This style is ideal for period or listed homes.