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Your lighting plays a vital role in making your house feel like a home. Home lighting is an essential decorating element and one that shouldn’t be designed or installed lightly. Not every home benefits from year-round sunshine streaming in through the windows every day, especially here in the UK. With the right and correctly positioned electric lights, you can guarantee a bright and light home from season to season. Illuminating your interior space appropriately can have a dramatic impact on your mood. While the successful everyday use of a space is dictated by the light available within. Achieving great lighting in your home doesn’t have to be an uphill battle with the right design and accessories. Better yet, your lighting choice doesn’t have to be blasé or boring. With the industrial trend in mind, your lighting can provide a cutting edge twist and deliver all the plus points good lighting promises within your home. Explore our industrial lighting range today and gather all the inspiration you need.

Why choose industrial lighting?

Here at Vinterior, we love the industrial interior design trend. Taking inspiration from vast, grey commercial spaces has worked wonders in the world of design, transforming homes of all sizes, from loft apartments to modern new-build properties. Often using a mix of wood and metal, industrial furniture pieces offer the utilitarian look that industrial design enthusiasts love, as well as the practicality every home needs.

Often described as raw and unfinished, industrial furniture and accessories combine function and style to ensure an exciting look. This sought-after style looks great in spaces, big and small. Unlike the factories that industrial pieces take inspiration from, many of the industrially inspired spaces our pieces help create are light and bright, using all-white walls and ceilings to ensure a sharp contrast with the metal adorned pieces.

In addition to featuring a number of industrial furniture pieces, our industrial lighting collection provides the products you need to create that true, earthy feel. We celebrate the industrial style in the purest way possible with all our industrial lighting units either vintage, antique, reclaimed or upcycled.

The many benefits of Vintage

The benefits of buying vintage or artisan industrial lighting are many. Ensuring an authentic finish is one of the main advantages of opting for something old instead of something new. Whether buying old or new, however, purchasing an industrial lighting unit gives your space a unique, characterful finish that evokes the past and provides the unpretentious, modern look that the industrial interior design trend is based on.

We don’t say “no” to new altogether. New industrial lighting accessories sit alongside our used and refurbished items to give those looking for the best of both worlds the products they need. Many of the new items sold by the independent dealers and boutiques we feature use all things retro to ensure the piece provides plenty of originality. For example, a vintage-style Vespa table lamp may scream 60s but its copper finish offers an on-trend look that’s bang up to date. We stock a wide range of new and vintage styles, including ceiling lights, lamp shades, table lamps, wall lamps and sconces, so you’re certain to find the lighting you need to finish your industrial look to perfection.

Shop industrial lighting now at Vinterior. We put the industrial style boldly on display so you can find the ideas and accessories to achieve the look in your home.

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