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Wall Lights

Retro Wall Lights

Give your home a decidedly kitsch makeover and invest in a lighting scheme that illuminates your heart with our characterful collection of retro wall lights at Vinterior. Reminiscent of 1950s American diners and the post-war boom years, retro wall lighting brings around an immediate change of atmosphere in any home lighting scheme. Whether you’re searching for a whimsical touch for your home based on your favourite time period or you’ve simply fallen for the charms of retro cool, find your one-of-a-kind retro wall lights for sale in our marketplace below.We’ve teamed up with over 2,00 trusted sellers around the world to ensure you find high-quality, characterful pre-owned retro wall lights whenever you shop with us. Explore the collection today and buy your favourites with confidence at Vinterior now.

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How to use retro wall lights to elevate your space

No matter your preferred style - from industrial to more modernist inspired - hand-chosen retro wall lights add the perfect finishing touch to a room. The retro style itself can be fairly broad. It generally includes furniture produced in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. So retro wall lights tend to be whimsical, fashionable, or kitschy, rather than being of a more classical style.
When you browse our selection of retro wall lighting, you’ll also see a wide range of materials in use. As well as plenty of unique design elements. These include a variety of textures, lines, colours, and themes.

Why choose retro wall sconce lighting?

Choosing retro wall sconce lighting for your home helps you add a whimsical sense of style to your home. Have a love for eras gone by? Prefer the look that a well-loved light can bring to a space? We have the option for you. Retro wall lights are also a great choice for anyone interested in lights that have a story to tell. With a sense of character and the ability to mix and match if you choose, Vinterior’s hand-selected collection of retro wall lights is an excellent place to look.
Give a retro wall lamp a second life by adding it to your home and giving your space some much-needed new retro wall lighting. Try next to a retro TV stand or above one of our gorgeous retro sideboards.

How to style retro wall lights?

Retro-style wall lights capture the nostalgia and throwback design or the era all in one. Whether you’re into retro design because it gives you those all-important retro vibes, or you just love the overall look, there is a retro wall light for you. Looking for something more extravagant? A retro wall lamp finished in gold gilt or featuring a floral design may be the choice. More into streamlined pieces with a 60s touch? Retro wall sconce lighting in brass with soft glass globes might be more your thing and can be a beautiful accent to your retro chairs. Or use one-of-a-kind retro wall lighting to help brighten up your retro wall art collection. No matter the era of retro wall lights that pique your interest, retro style is ideal for stylish, bold interiors.

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