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A well-chosen wall light can really change the feel of a room. Wall lights are typically out in plain sight in your home, so with such a clearly visible furnishing it is important that you make the right choice. If the thought of adding a bit of retro chic and vintage style to your home is what excites you, then take the time to browse the listings here at Vinterior. From the industrial to the antique we have options which are functional and charming or more outlandish and bold statement pieces. Buying vintage may well be the way to go for you if you want character and unique features. These retro wall lights will light up your room and provide a great addition to any space in your home.

Why choose retro wall lights?

No matter how old these items of furniture are, they rarely lose their visual appeal or usefulness. Whether you are looking for that feeling of decadence, some avant-garde style or hipster practicality there is an incredibly diverse range available here on Vinterior. One popular option for someone wanting to kit out their urban apartment or shabby chic house, is the industrial bulkhead wall lights that are reminiscent of factories. These are practical features, too, as they can be impactful without needing any maintenance. Place a couple of these lights at eye height in your room or interspersed with photos and artwork and you will be able to completely transform your home into a space that is stylish and edgy.

If you want something a bit more art deco or mid-century we also have many options to fit this bill, too. Often mounted on a metal or wooden plaque these light fixtures are made from interesting and elegant shapes. They really look the part on a wall and would fit well with other wooden or metal décor. For the more extravagant of tastes there are some stunning floral light fixtures. Coming in many shapes and sizes, these designs often originate in Europe in countries like France and Italy. They manage to give off a great light and an effortless glow as if it is coming from the flower petals themselves.

If you are looking to bring a late 20th century vibe rather than a mid-century feel, look out for something like an eye-catching globe design by Raak – an appealing and intriguing light fixture, with the hazy globe held up by a subtle metal ring. This is great for mood lighting. Also on our website you will find light-up letter signs with small bulbs in the letters. These stylish and popular lights are great for bringing a splash of personality to a room. Ideal for bedrooms or modern kitchens these really are the lights that are right on trend.

Retro wall lights: why choose pre-loved lighting

Choosing your lighting from a vintage supplier means you have a big choice from years and years of design. It is also a way of getting something that has a real sense of character and won’t be readily available on your high street today. Unlike the everyday pieces that you may see in other homes, our retro wall lights will help to make your space look unique and personalised, ensuring that your home is interesting and welcoming to guests when they visit.

Shop for retro wall lights here at Vinterior and find inspiration in illumination.