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Industrial Ceiling Lights

When it comes to industrial style it’s most simply defined as taking pride in the practicality and celebrating both the functionality and form of an object. Think fixtures and fittings inspired by factory settings or warehouses and unfinished materials with no excessive decoration. Stylish and long lasting, investing in industrial style ceiling lights and is always a good idea. Whether you’re looking for a signature ceiling pendant light or a set of industrial inspired spotlights, our wide range of industrial ceiling lamps has got you covered.
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Industrial ceiling lights UK

Easy to pull off and maintain, industrial styling is popular because of its versatility. Extra hot right now because of an emphasis on upcycling or salvaging, industrial furniture’s also an environmentally friendly trend to have in your home. Concentrate on utilitarian styles and make sure all elements of your room have a purpose.

When decorating a room, industrial style ceiling lights are one of the most important elements. As well as being one of the first things you’ll notice in a room, industrial ceiling lights are also by their nature one of the key parts to get right. When you think of industrial styling you think of high ceilinged room with enamel pendant lights hanging over workshop benches. Or opaline globes illuminating factory production lines. Get the lighting in an industrial inspired room right and the rest will follow.

When it comes to materials for your industrial ceiling lights look for hard working finishes in wood, steel, stone, enamel and copper. Narrow your search using Vinterior’s advanced search options which allows you to browse not only by material but also by budget, location and lighting type—like industrial ceiling lamps or pendants.

Colours should on the whole stay neutral. They should also be inspired by the architecture around them. For your industrial ceiling lights think browns, greys, taupes and creams. With accent colours provided by their metal finishes. Want to add a little more in the way of tones? Earthy shades like dark greens or burnt oranges can also be used.

Styling your industrial ceiling lights

Team your new lights with equally practical furniture choices. Remember in industrial styling all things should have a purpose. A super useful place to start is with an industrial storage cabinet. A stylish solution to concealing clutter. Choose from plenty of options, including high school-esque lockers perfect for heaps of extra space in narrow spaces like hallways or bathrooms, office inspired pieces like heavy duty filing cabinets. Or go quirky with pieces from other industries like apothecary cabinets or haberdashery cupboards.

Nailed the practicality but can’t resist a touch of decoration? Don’t worry, walls don’t need to be bare when it comes to industrial styling. Excessive patterns or ornate frames are a no-no but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy decorative styling. Let your new industrial ceiling light beam down on a well chosen piece of industrial wall art. Or pairing an industrial ceiling lamp with a vintage industrial wall sign is a great place to start. Browse our selection of iconic branded advertising fixtures from years gone by or spell out your name in reclaimed metal letters. There’s something for all spaces.