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Going back to school is something that many of us would love to do in retrospect. It is not until you graduate to the big wide world of work that you realise how special those formative years were. Whatever your experience of school, there are some pieces of furniture that definitely take you on a trip down memory lane. The school bench is one such furnishing. Just like our old school desks, these lovely vintage and antique pieces provide beautiful additions to modern day interior design schemes. Whether you are going rustic and classic with your look or want to bring a bit of an eclectic, shabby chic look to a sitting room, study or hallway, we have the vintage school benches for you. Shop our range of vintage school benches now to discover the items, ideas and inspiration you need to add a vintage twist to your space.

Why choose vintage school benches?

Embracing old school décor is one thing but when it comes to investing in a vintage school furniture piece, finding out more about the shapes, sizes and styles available is a must. At Vinterior, we pride ourselves on providing the most extensive selection of vintage, antique and reclaimed furniture around. We have spent years building up partnerships with independent boutiques, furniture dealers, sellers and designers across the country, and use these relationships to give vintage fans like you access to pure quality, excellent craftsmanship, and great backstories. Our vintage school benches are a vital part of our collection.

The vintage school benches we feature here offer a uniqueness and quality that’s simply unrivalled by high street items and newly manufactured homewares found online. Each school bench adds extra charm and character to vintage inspired, industrial, shabby chic, retro and rustic interiors. No room within the home is out of bounds for transformation with kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and even gardens suited to the old school touch.

In the kitchen, our vintage school benches can provide more than just a place to eat, sit and relax. Some of our school furniture designs have deeper profiles meaning they can be used as prep benches and workspaces. Among our listings you may find a retro school design kitchen island work bench, proving just how versatile our original vintage items can be with a little creative thinking.

Most of our vintage school benches are crafted from solid wood, providing the durability and longevity you want in a high traffic and busy room like the kitchen. While the distinctiveness, rich history and character of vintage pieces like this are among its many plus points, no vintage piece is immaculate. Signs of a vintage item’s previous life are to be expected but only add to the appeal of the piece.

It’s not just inside where our vintage school benches guarantee poignant style statements. The outdoor spaces of your home can be given that vintage touch thanks to some of our pieces. Many of the vintage school benches you see in our collection hail from school playgrounds and sports grounds to supply a cool, rustic look for your garden or patio area. We also showcase older, antique items, and ultra-creative reclaimed and refurbished benches for your perusal.

Browse our school benches now to discover the vintage finds that will help to finish your inspired look to perfection.