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Here at Vinterior we adore furniture with character, which is why we always love to have our fair share of church pews for sale. With both vintage and antique designs, we’ve got an incredible range of old church furniture – pieces able to offer a different dimension to your home decor. Whether the style is simple or ornate, church pews are always meticulously made and with a robust and proud finish. This high-quality craftsmanship found in traditional pews ensures that the bench will last for many lifetimes and continue on its own journey, long after the first owners have passed it on. If you want a unique look for your home with a piece of seating which is unlike any other, take a look at the old church pews for sale here at Vinterior today.

Choosing a period church pew

From box pews to open benches, church pews come in a range of different styles so if you have a favourite period you’ll be able to find one to suit your decor. From the antique carved ends of the Victorian era to the simple designs of vintage mid-century pews, you can find pre-loved church seating to complement every home.

If your decor is more traditional, an older antique church pew man be your preference. French Gothic style in woods such as oak create an instant impact and look nothing short of spectacular. By contrast, the mid-century pew benches from the 20th century have a retro appeal that suits more minimalist, contemporary homes. And, of course, a pew can also work beautifully in the boot room or along the entrance hall of a rustic farmhouse.

Incorporating a church pew into your home

You may be more familiar with seeing church pews in rows in your local place of worship but they look just as good in other settings. Whether you’re choosing a church pew for your home or adding antique seating to a commercial venue, such as a pub or restaurant, a church pew is an excellent choice.

If your hallway is large and spacious, a church pew is the natural complement for this area. A box church pew looks beautiful next to an antique console table or below a coat rack, while an open pew bench is useful as a place to change your shoes.

For large families or tables where plenty of seating is needed, pews are an excellent choice. Choose ornate, decorative styles for formal dining rooms and to accent existing decor. If you plan on lingering around the dining table, it’s easy to add a padded seat for extra comfort and a splash of colour.

Is your home full of little nooks and crannies? Make the most of the wasted space in the corner with a corner pew. Quirky and individual, a corner pew provides extra seating as well as a quiet space when you want to curl up and enjoy a good book.

Church pews are an incredible versatile piece of furniture and come in all sizes, both big and small, making them a great addition for any home.

We love new and upcycled church pews, too

Antique church pews have a beauty all of their own and every scuff and scar in the wood tells the tale of time. For many people, this type of distressed look is perfect and it fits wonderfully with shabby chic or farmhouse style.

However, if you prefer a more polished finish, check out our catalogue as we love new and upcycled church pews, too! You’ll find that some of the style we feature have undergone a professional restoration, giving you a slice of history that looks just like new.

Shop for stunning church pews with Vinterior

You might never have considered church pews as an addition to your household or business before but they’re a stunning piece of furniture which will last and last. Check out our online selection today to find the vintage church seating that you love - with new pieces arriving all the time, we’re certain you’ll find your perfect pew!