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Rocking Chairs

Antique Rocking Chairs

Although you might mistake them for an outdated piece of furniture for an older crowd, antique rocking chairs have seen a resurgence of late and can make for a welcome change to move conventional seating in the home.The Vinterior team are big fans of antique rocking chairs and have curated a characterful collection in tandem with our trusted sellers. From antique child’s rocking chairs to antique pine rocking chairs, there’s a variety to peruse at your leisure. Whether you’re wanting to give your interiors an overhaul or add a few antique touches to a living room, Vinterior is the perfect place to find those remarkable pieces that make your homes that bit more special.Embrace the old and give an antique rocking chair a new lease of life in your contemporary home. Explore the collection of antique rocking chairs for sale in our marketplace below. Find your one-of-a-kind when you shop today.

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Why buy an antique rocking chair?

Let’s be honest, the design of the rocking chair hasn’t strayed too far from its original purpose or conception. Originating in the early eighteenth century in America, rocking chairs were used as lounging chairs in gardens and on terraces, but they soon found themselves in English homes too.
By 1860, legendary German furniture maker and craftsman Michael Thonet developed the bentwood rocking chair and soon after their popularity skyrocketed, being used outdoors, indoors and everywhere in between. But the overall shape and design of the rocking chair remained the same. For this reason, opting for antique rocking chairs is the best choice when looking for a rocking chair to place in your home, as you are going for pieces that are genuine artefacts of furniture history, built to stand the test of time with a timeless appeal, rather than mass-produced replications of the past that wither and die quickly.

Which antique rocking chair should I choose?

Before you delve into the world of antique rocking chairs, consider these few things: Where are you going to place the rocking chair? Will it be outdoors on a patio? Placed in the corner of a nursery or living room? The room that you’re placing your antique rocking chair in can greatly influence the size and style that you may pick. For example, in a library or reading nook, you might want an antique rocking chair with a footrest for exquisite relaxation.
What style compliments my interiors? Perhaps you’ve opted for a Victorian styleof interior decor or maybe French antiques pique your interest - choose a style of antique rocking chair that complements your decor scheme. An antique pine rocking chair may suit your rustic aesthetic. Or an antique child’s rocking chair could be the perfect addition to a playroom. Or perhaps you want to through away the rule book and just pick something that you’re drawn to; that works too. Choose a piece that you feel a connection with, and you’re sure to find joy with it no matter where in the home you place it.

Buying an antique rocking chair on Vinterior

Vinterior’s amazing dealers and sellers offer a range of curated antique rocking chairs that are authentic to their history and imbued with a quality that no modern incarnation can compare to. All that’s left to do is choose the right one for you.

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