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Antique Armchairs

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The Antique Armchair is a classic piece to any fanatic of the past. A large, comfortable chair with side supports for the arms, it provides the ability to slouch, be comfortable, and to have your own personal space. This is an essential piece to your home to provide structure, comfort, substance and aesthetic to the domestic sphere. This sort of chair is a timeless piece to any home in any country in any culture.Antique armchairs are often curated, collected and inherited to future generations, so it is worth investing in a piece that is crafted best to its purpose and function.The below will explore the origins of antique armchairs and their common types and styles.Origins of Antique ArmchairsFirstly, antique chairs originate from 100 years or longer. Vintage armchairs date from after this. Antique chairs will use old-fashioned, unconventional cushioning such as bird feathers, wool non-wiring compared to the modern alternatives such as alternative foaming.Antique armchairs boomed from 1828 when coiled springs were introduced, especially flourishing in the Georgian and Victorian period. Oak was the common material in the 18th century, however this shifted to mahogany and walnut. Other materials are hickory, cherry and ash, all of which are durable, hard woods in contrast to pine for example.Common types and styles of Antique ArmchairsVinterior aims to provide you with original antique armchairs which are curated from the exceptional and the remarkable. Below are some common types you can find on the platform;The Chaise LongueOtherwise named as the récamiers, chaise longues, and fainting couches, this type of armchair is a quirky alternative where you lie down rather than sit. It is an elongation of the bergere. The back is high, with encircling arms, and the long, padded seat was usually upholstered. It embodies a Louis XVI-style. Another style is the Duchesse which was prominent in France as part of the Rococo style. The Hogarth ChairThese chairs frequently have yoke-shaped top rails and back splats often have a solid vase shape. Seats most often feature a horseshoe shape or compass shape and they are not upholstered.The Windsor ChairDating from the 18th century, this is a wooden armchair where the back and sides consist of multiple thin, turned spindles that are attached to a solid, sculpted seat. It has straight legs that splay outward, and the back reclines slightly.

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