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Vintage Wooden Chairs

Wooden chairs are extremely sought after among lovers of vintage furniture and it’s easy to see why. The rustic feel adds authentic charm to any room, perfectly complementing the character of any space from kitchens to dining rooms. Here at Vinterior we have a selection of vintage wooden chairs that are sure to impress, so check our range out today and you could be sitting in style.

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A brief history of vintage wooden chairs

Although chairs are found in every home up and down the land these days, they are actually a relatively new addition to the home furnishings scene. Originally, chairs were only the preserve of the powerful and wealthy, being reserved for kings, queens and the lords and ladies of the manor. Ordinary people would make do with benches, stools or even the floor.

Small wooden chairs were not commonly seen until the 16th century, when the Renaissance brought new ideas to the domestic scene. Usually made from heavy and solid dark woods, these gave way to more ornate and decoratively carved pieces over the course of the centuries to come.

By the mid-19th century, mass-production of furniture had made the chair a popular choice in many homes, and as the 20th century progressed a number of styles began to emerge. From the very simple, minimalist wooden chair to the more dramatic unusually shaped versions, vintage wooden chairs are a wonderful choice for any home.

Incorporating vintage wooden chairs in the home

Vintage wooden chairs are often designed for use in dining rooms. While all have their own unique features and differences, what they do have in common is the material used. They also frequently come as a matching set. It’s quite normal to purchase vintage wooden chairs as a set of two, four, six or eight. That’s not to say you can’t find them sold individually. Some popular choices for individually sold wooden vintage chairs include old school chairs which are perfect for use in a child’s bedroom or a vintage wooden rocking chair, perfect for conservatories, porches or bedrooms.

These small wooden chairs may be painted, or they may be left in a rustic state. Some of them may be completely made of wood while others may have a cushion or integrated upholstery. Some popular origins of vintage wooden chairs are schools, churches or town halls, and often the true beauty of these pieces lies in their original features.

Whether from a church, school, town hall or even a private home, a vintage wooden chair has a character that can capture the room’s attention. Chairs have the power to add a sense of history and maybe even a little nostalgia to any space.

When vintage wooden chairs are sold as a set it makes them easier to incorporate into your current dining room – unless you prefer to mix and match your choices for a Boho style.

Just because these are wooden, it doesn’t mean you trade character for comfort. These chairs can be extremely comfortable, especially those with upholstery or cushions. There’s also an environmental perk to buying vintage wooden chairs. First of all, you choose to give old materials a new life and secondly, you reduce demand for new chairs to be made with new materials. A lot of new chairs are mass produced, which leaves a significant carbon footprint.

Shop for vintage wooden chairs with Vinterior

We certainly love vintage wooden chairs and we hope you do, too. If you want to take a look at the vintage wooden chairs that we currently offer, start searching our listings.

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