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The history of the Ottoman

It’s no stretch of the imagination to believe that what we now know as the ottoman footstool originated in the Ottoman Empire in the early 14th century. A low lying padded stool for resting your feet, the earliest ottomans were originally made of wood and were meant to be piled high with cushions for either comfortable seating or resting weary feet after a long day. These footstools were popular throughout the Ottoman Empire, Egypt and the Mediterranean, and soon saw themselves being nestled in French and English homes by the 18th century after Europeans spotted them being used by Egyptian locals as a comfortable seating accompaniment at the time.

Antique ottomans in your home

The same function still stands but the ottomans we know today have combined the plush furnishings within its structure, making for an all-encompassing luxurious piece of furniture. Some ottoman styles also have the functionality of being useful but discreet storage, as some designs have hinged seats allowing users to store items in the cavity. Whether you’re a fan of soft velvets or tougher leather upholstery, antique ottomans have seen a variety of stylistic makes and antique pieces are imbued with the history that this small piece of furniture has hidden within it.

Why buy an antique ottoman?

Antique ottomans offer a unique aesthetic style as opposed to vintage or more modern ottomans and footstools. As these ottomans are closer to the original pieces that made their way across the world from their early introductions to homes outside of the Ottoman Empire, they hold stylistic and design elements closer to that of their originators. You’re more likely to find waisted ottomans, more unique shapes, and elaborate upholstery in antique ottomans.

Hand-crafted antique ottomans

There is a greater detail to the artwork of the antique ottoman, and as ever, the craftsmanship of these pieces are unmatched. As they would have most likely been used in more affluent or well-to-do households, antique ottomans are a great option for introducing more regal and opulent energy to your homes.

Finding antique ottomans on Vinterior

It might seem hard to find antique ottomans today. These items can be highly coveted, especially ones of great quality. As luck would have it, Vinterior’s dealers and sellers are highly skilled in sourcing remarkable items, and the range of antique ottomans available boasts unique designs imbued with history and crafted with painstaking skill. Shop Vinterior’s range of curated antique ottomans and bring a piece of furniture history home.