French Bedside Tables

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Bedroom furniture is vital to set the mood and ambience of your personal space, an extension of your own personality. French style is highly sought after because of its inherent elegance and effortless sophistication. The bedside table may be one of the smaller pieces of furniture but it’s no less important than your wardrobe or chest of drawers, and it can add to the overall appearance of your boudoir. Choose a style that complements your overall theme and you’ll appreciate the end result. French bedside tables offer the practicality that’s essential as well as the stylish good looks that your bedroom deserves. No one understands vintage and heritage furniture better than we do at Vinterior. Our collection of French bedside tables is just part of the range of high-quality French style furniture.

Get creative with your French bedside table

Bedside tables are a staple piece of any boudoir, fulfilling a range of functions from holding a clock and night-time glass of water to offering drawers and a small cupboard to stash your personal items. However, just because a bedside table is practical doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too, and with French themed pieces you’ll love the final look.

When you’re buying a bedside table, you’ll have the choice of styles. Ask yourself whether you need simply a table or perhaps a cabinet with more storage space? Here at Vinterior you’ll be amazed at the selection on offer, with perhaps some style that you have never seen before.

Of course, bedside table are an essential for the bedroom, making life more convenient and comfortable as well as providing a place to store things away out of sight. However, this small and unobtrusive piece of furniture could be used in other places around the home, too, if you are willing to get creative.

If you don’t have room for a full coffee table but still want a place for your cups, a bedside table makes the perfect side table in the lounge. In the hallway it can be used again, this time as an occasional table and a place for a lamp, notepad and phone.

Do you have space in your bathroom but wish you had more storage? Or maybe an elegant way to display your toiletries? Forget about cramming everything in above the sink; a bedside table can be a helpful addition.

Why choose French?

Wherever you choose to use your bedside table, a French style will work well. Known for highly decorative finish, there’s much more to the French design than stunning good looks.

No matter if you plump for an authentic antique or a vintage design, your French bedside table will be made with seriously impressive craftsmanship. Carefully created from beginning to end with scrutiny at every step, the workmanship on French furniture is something really special.

French styles are often quite delicate, with slim and curvy silhouettes that work wonderfully in a bedroom. However, do not mistake this daintiness for fragility as you’ll find French furniture is built to last. High grade materials combine with time honoured techniques for a finish that is like no other.

Lastly, but not least, the aesthetic appeal of French furniture is impossible to ignore. From ornate carved surfaces to intricate designs, there’s an almost ethereal beauty that can’t be replicated. Throughout the ages, French furniture has carried an inimitable sophistication which permeates every piece, both small and large.

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