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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Vintage Footstools

Dip your toe in the pre-owned waters with a glorious vintage footstool. Is a rustic look your aesthetic of choice? A worn vintage leather footstool could add the shabby chic you crave. If you adore teak, rosewood, or mahogany, there’s a wooden footstool to scratch that solid timber itch. And for something a little different a vintage step stool can bring interest to a space.From outlandishly colourful vintage puffed of the 1960s to the more sedate green-fringed footstools of the 1800s, there’s sure to be something in our curated collection of over 3000 footstools. If that number sounds a little daunting, don’t think that you need to scroll through every single one. Use our nifty filter function to the left to narrow your search by style, period, dimensions, colour, brand, material and more to unearth your bespoke edit. From here, you can explore your potential one-of-a-kind vintage footstools that could soon be part of your home. Each piece has been selected for its charm and character. Forego the modern sameness and embrace the perfectly imperfect. Explore our collection of secondhand footstools for sale in our marketplace below.

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Secondhand footstools for sale at Vinterior

Both practical and stylish, a vintage footstool is the perfect way to complete your living room décor. It seems that too few people appreciate the benefit of a good footstool. For those privileged few who have been lucky enough to rest their weary feet on one, there is simply no going back. Not only are they a great way to help you relax after a long day on your feet, but they also serve to add some extra style and personality to your living room.You'll find a varied and beautiful collection of vintage and historical footstools here at Vinterior, hailing from a range of different European locations, in many different styles. Each piece is durable and full of charm. So why not explore our collection today?

What to look for in a vintage step stool?

As well as being attractive, every footstool and step stool in the Vinterior collection is practical and durable, and more than capable of taking the weight off your feet after a long, hard day. Some have not been touched since the day they were made, and yet are still in excellent condition, a true testament to the craftsmanship that went into them. Others, however, have been painstakingly refurbished or upcycled by a dedicated individual, with any loose joints retightened, any rusty screws replaced, and any damaged fabric done away with and replaced with designs that either honour the footstool's origins, or give it a completely new look more in keeping with 21st century tastes. Whether they've been upcycled or not, every one of our footstools is strong and unique.

Choosing vintage footstools

Footstools are not often considered to be of great importance in modern furniture design, which is a great shame, because – useful and unobtrusive as they are – they're easy to incorporate into any room of the house, and come in as varied a range of styles as any other item of furniture. Buying a vintage footstool will also help to make your home a little greener, saving the planet from the cost of the needless manufacture of a new, mass-produced footstool.

Incorporating a vintage leather footstool into your home

In the Vinterior collection, you will find artisan footstools to suit any taste and requirements. An ornately upholstered vintage leather footstool, for example, with handsomely carved wooden feet, would look right at home in the large, cosy living room or study of an older house. On the other hand, a sleek vintage pouffe from the 1950s might be better suited to a lighter, more contemporary living room in need of a little character. Whatever their aesthetic, vintage footstools serve as a handy extra service or seat in a pinch, as well as a place to rest your aching ankles.

Why shop for vintage footstools at Vinterior?

As one of the largest marketplaces for period furniture on the web, Vinterior has garnered a reputation for selling only the highest quality historical pieces, and our footstools are no exception. Everything we love about vintage furniture is evident in our collection of footstools. Firstly, each item on our website is full of character and charm. Whether it's a dainty antique creationn with small walnut legs, a modernist leather and chrome number that comes with a matching recliner, a vintage step stool, or a wide red velvet stool that would help transform any room into a bohemian paradise, each piece has its own history to share, making it completely one-of-a-kind.Explore the Vinterior collection today to find that perfect secondhand footstool for sale now.

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