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You’d be forgiven for thinking of bedside tables as one of the less important pieces in the bedroom, but you’d also be mistaken. If you want to relax in bed with a book, keep a drink of water by your side or just need somewhere to place your jewellery before you put your head down to sleep, you'll find that a lack of a bedside table is a major inconvenience. D on't make the mistake of forgetting about this vital piece of furniture when you're decorating your bedroom. Instead, choose a bedside table design you can be proud of, from an era that exudes style. Art Deco is the era for decadence and design, so explore the stunning collection of art deco bedside tables here at Vinterior.

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  • Why choose an Art Deco bedside table?

    Art Deco has become synonymous with well-made, attractive creations since its heyday in the 1920s and 30s. The Art Deco era was long before the days of MDF and chipboard furniture, so you can rest assured that any Art Deco addition to your home is designed to be practical as well as beautiful with solid wood and strong metallic elements. These features mean that with proper love and care, our Art Deco bedside tables will last in your home for a long time, and be a piece you treasure. Walnut, mahogany and rosewood are just some of the materials which are quintessentially Art Deco. This is furniture from the era of luxury, meaning every item reflects a desire to indulge your home with the very best.With Art Deco furniture, you expect beauty, and Art Deco bedside tables are no exception. There is no doubt that bedside tables from this era are striking and carry the sensation of opulence and decadence, with geometric elements and courageous colours, but they are also practical. Why should you have to choose between functionality and attractiveness? Making the choice to invest in Art Deco enjoys that you don’t have to choose between these two vital components.We're sure that an Art Deco bedside table will look fantastic in any bedroom, of any style or design. the magic of Art Deco is its ability to fit in to almost any room. Maybe this is because of the many ways Art Deco still influences designs today, so even the most contemporary bedrooms have flavours of Art Deco here and there. Or perhaps it is due to the style’s timeless nature – surely luxury can never go out of fashion?

  • Why shop at Vinterior for art deco bedside tables?

    Due to the nature of the style, you can expect your Art Deco bedside table to make quite a statement. But due to their small size, they won't overtake or overwhelm the rest of the design in the room. They will however bring an extra dose of glamour to your master bedroom. They'll add a bit of class, flair and opulence which is a wonderful thing to have in any room, but particularly the bedroom. Begin and end your day the right way with a luxury Art Deco piece bought right here at Vinterior.Vinterior is the best place on the web to discover beautiful and high quality Art Deco furniture. Among our many thousands of furniture items, you’ll find only the very best. Each item is completely unique and – whether vintage or contemporary – possesses its own individual character and backstory.Get inspired by our extensive collection, and find your perfect Art Deco bedroom addition right here at Vinterior.

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