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Benches are great for creating a sense of community and being closer to your loved ones. Great for the indoors and outdoors, the modern hospitality industry has embraced this classic design feature to bring people together in a time where technological innovations have led us astray.
Antique benches are associated as a place of tranquility, contemplation and orientation. Symbolically, it is associated with learning or trying to find a deeper meaning of life.
Antique and vintage benches are especially useful to your outdoor space to provide a more interactive and holistic experience to your garden.
Sharing is caring! So, let’s take a look at an often underlooked piece and explore how a distinct antique bench can curate and evoke a sense of character and meaning to your home.

Origins of an antique bench

Popular with the Romans and the Medieval civilisation, benches were often used in contrast to chairs which were reserved for people of high status. Antique benches were versatile for sitting, eating from or sleeping on.
From the 16th century, they were not as popular as chairs were becoming widely used and accepted for many people regardless of class.
The most recognisable and spectacular benches were made in the 17th century in the colonies of South America for their notable carved crests and balustraded backs that were painted and gilded.

Common styles and types of benches

Benches can be freestanding, fixed to a wall or placed against a wall.

Storage Benches

Doubling as space and a place to sit, storage benches are versatile accent pieces. Storage benches are utilized best in an entryway, family room, or bedroom.

Accent Benches

Known as a decorative piece, accent benches are useful to fill a blank wall or floor space.
Good for added seating, it is a place to rest throws, clothes or books, adding to a lived-in character for your home.

Entryway Benches

Commonly made in hard-wearing wood, these benches can be sometimes upholstered. Their key characteristic is storage space for bags, shoes, or hats and gloves. They also provide you and your guests a place to sit while removing footwear or jackets.

Vanity Benches

These benches are often used in a bedroom or bathroom. They are smaller and built for one person. Less prominent in the house, they can be hidden under a bathroom counter or vanity table.