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Vintage Daybeds

A daybed is the perfect way to bridge the gap between seating and sleeping, providing a multipurpose solution for when friends and loved ones come to stay. While flat-pack daybeds have gained a somewhat negative reputation for being uncomfortable and unattractive, this is a far cry from the style and comfort offered by designer and vintage daybeds. If you’re thinking of introducing a daybed, chaise longues or antique recliner into your home, take the time to explore our collection of beautiful and functional pieces here at Vinterior.

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Vintage daybeds

Daybeds are best known for being functional additions to the home; an easy solution for those without spare bedrooms. Yet it is important not to sacrifice on quality and style when choosing any item of furniture. With so many vintage and designer options available on Vinterior there’s no reason to settle for a cheap, mass-market solution or dreary flat-pack option.

Choosing a versatile piece of furniture in this way enables home owners to create dual purpose spaces. For example, a home office or study can become a spare bedroom when needed. Daybeds have also become popular in recent years as small beds for children’s bedrooms.At Vinterior, you’ll find luxury velvet daybeds ranging from the 19th century and Victorian era to mid century designs. You’ll even find more abstract and modern options from modernist designers like Ron Arad. Pair with a large corner sofa and you can have the perfect living room seating set up.

Antique daybeds for your home

Daybeds are a fantastic way to make your home feel cosy and relaxing – even without the need for bed sheets and pillows. A stylish antique daybed can help you to create a delightful reading nook under the stairs or perhaps as an alternative to a built-in bay window seat. Browse our online marketplace and you will find a range of antique daybeds for sale, including quirky Ercol studio couches and antique French chaise longues.

Find your perfect mid century daybed

Design trends come and go, but mid century designs are consistently popular. Some of the most desirable mid-century styles include Cleopatra daybeds by Dick Cordemeijer, colourful lounge chair and ottoman sets, Cees Braakman daybeds and 1960s vintage Danish teak day beds. You’ll also find simple yet sumptuous sofa designs that easily transform into extra beds.

Discover corner daybeds and chaise longues at Vinterior

The history of the chaise longue stretches back as far as the Romans, Greeks and even the ancient Egyptians. Yet it has a clear place in many modern homes – particularly for those who wish to add a distinct look and a sense of character to a space. Whether it is 18th century neo-classical grandeur or 20th century retro chic that you are searching for, we always recommend finding a piece of furniture that has a genuine story behind it and has the power to bring any room to life.

From a regency brass inlaid chaise longue to a French chaise longue daybed, you’ll find them all at Vinterior. Depending on the size you choose, your corner daybed can also provide sleeping solutions for more than one guest at a time.

Retro daybeds for sale

As you browse through the collection of vintage and retro daybeds from Vinterior, you may spot a few familiar names. Many of our items originated in the minds and hands of famous designers across the globe, like Pierre Paulin and Tove und Edvard Kindt-Larsen. You will also find a number of more contemporary and artisan pieces to choose from.

Ready to bring a designer or vintage daybed into your home? Explore the collection today.

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