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Finding the perfect piece of antique furniture can be a lengthy process. Purchasing older pieces requires a keen eye and a reputable seller you know you can trust that specialises in the item you are looking for. Thankfully, here at Vinterior we have come up with the perfect solution to make your search for quality antique furniture as successful and stress-free as possible. We feature a wide range of pieces sourced from specialist sellers to ensure our collection of furniture represents a broad range of styles, eras and brands. We champion the unique so our customers can always find pieces that suit their personal style. And that includes featuring stunning antique king size beds to make your bedroom fit for royalty.

What makes a good antique king size bed?

The majority of antique beds are made from wood. The type of wood can vary depending on the designer, style and period of manufacture. Different woods were also popular in various countries around the world during the 17th, 18th and 18th centuries, so the kind of bed styles and materials will differ significantly. From early Tudor beds to the elaborate beds of 19th century France and everything in between, there are many antique bed styles to choose from in our listings.

The style of antique king size bed you are looking is largely down to personal style although earlier styles tend to be more heavy and ornate in design than later, more contemporary pieces. As is typical of the antique market, king size beds are available in the four-poster style and are in strong demand from individuals looking for a truly individual statement piece of furniture.

Given that they are antiques and in many cases over a century old, there is an expectation that many pieces of antique furniture will show signs of age. They may have marks, dents, sun damage or other imperfections however this does add character to a piece and is a sign of its quality and rich history.

Why choose antique king size beds?

Waking up in an antique king size bed is certainly set to put a spring in your step for the day. Their grand stature will stand out in any bedroom and they offer a statement effect unlike any mass-produced style of furniture of today.

Antique items of any type are considered an investment when purchasing a piece from valued designers or in-demand eras. An antique king size bed that is well-cared for will often hold its value (or even increase in value) over the years, something which cannot be said of mass-produced high street items.

By choosing a unique piece with strong design credentials, your new king-sized bed will be offer the stylish touch you need to really complete your room. Whether looking for heavy, wooden and ornate pieces from the 19th Century or the more curved, simplistic and contemporary styles from the mid-20th century, there is a range of beds to suit your decorative style and individual taste.

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If an antique king size bed is something you need in your home, then browse the Vinterior marketplace listings to find your perfect piece of furniture for you. If you don’t see the exact antique king size bed you had envisioned today, don’t hesitate to explore our other listings for vintage, retro and even contemporary pieces. Or else, keep checking back regularly – after all, our sellers are adding pieces to the marketplace all the time.