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Arguably the most notable piece of furniture in any space, vintage leather armchairs have elements of both comfort and style. They are uniquely suitable to any setting since they are characterised by a modern style or a classic one. Leather armchairs have always been built, designed and developed for comfort and durability. Yet there is something special about choosing a vintage option in your home. If you are looking to add an air of sophistication to your home and add to the narrative of a room, look no further than a vintage piece. Browse our collection of vintage style leather armchairs for sale today.

Choosing vintage leather armchairs

The leather armchair has been among the most popular home seating solutions for decades now. Over the generations there have been many different iterations of the leather armchair – from the chesterfield to the La-Z-Boy – and so there are many different options available if you are looking to incorporate a heritage leather armchair in your living room, snug, study or even bedroom.

Since vintage leather armchairs could be used in many ways, including having a good read session or just enjoying a glass of wine and mostly when one is off to relax, choose a soft-textured leather that will provide that comfort you need. Also, choosing the right texture of the vintage leather armchair could be key to creating a modern look in your room.

First of all, consider how big the room is and whether a leather armchair is the right size. Next, consider how the current style of your room will look with an armchair and which colour you should opt for – be it black, cognac, beige or even green.

Depending on the kind of room you are furnishing, there are many different leather armchairs to bear in mind. Love the bold and confident appearance of all things Art Deco? You will often find vintage pieces on our marketplace from the Art Deco period – some of which are cosy and comforting in their original worn leather; while others have been reupholstered so that while you get to enjoy the same shapes and structural integrity of the original, your armchair still feels like new.

If mid-century minimalism is more your thing, then look to designers like Aage Christansen and other Danish creators of low, easy armchairs. These pieces are more restrained and unassuming than many other armchairs. The low back allows them to sit quietly in the corner of a living room or study as a complementary piece that adds reassuring quality, rather than a loud piece that tries to dominate a room.

On the other hand, if what you want is an armchair that really packs a punch and starts a conversation, why not look out for an iconic G Plan wing-backed Blofeld swivel leather armchair. With a button back and stunning curves, this chair is worthy of a place in any bold social space.

Finally, if you want a leather chair that you can always relax in to enjoy a book or just rest your legs for a few minutes, how about incorporating a teak and black leather Kofod Larsen creation such as the Eve chair. With soft padding, this is a piece you can sink into and really revel in.

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