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Whether it’s a soft place to sink into at the end of a long day, or a sanctuary to snuggle up with a good book, an armchair is an essential part of any home. Soft and relaxing yet stylish too, no lounge is complete without that all-important chair. However, if you’re trying to find a style that suits you might feel overwhelmed by the choice. Do yourself a favour and begin by looking at French armchairs; you won’t want to look any further. With the famous French sense of style, these armchairs offer everything you need and a little more too. If you want an idea of what French armchairs are like, head over to Vinterior and you’ll find a sublime collection that are well-priced, high-quality and quite simply irresistible.

Antique French Armchairs - Sophisticated and elegant

The 18th Century was a landmark time for furniture in France where it transformed from being beautiful and elegant but impractical, to designs which retained the same sophistication but were a joy to use.

Combining the inimitable refinement that only the French could create with a sumptuous warmth and comfort, French armchairs were created and instantly became a hit. At Vinterior we have a full range of French armchairs that embrace the style for which they became known. From Louis XV onwards, there is a range of chairs to suit every type of room and occasion.

French armchairs work wonderfully in the lounge, providing a comfortable spot to nestle and just relax. When it’s time to take things easy, a French armchair is what you need.

However, the immaculate design and intricate finish of the French style means that armchairs don’t look out of place in a bedroom either. If you want to create a boudoir to die for, a chair is a must-have addition.

Understanding French styling

If you’re not familiar with the French style of furniture, you may not know the qualities to look out for. Glamorous, yet of the utmost quality, French style craftsmanship is something to be revered.

You’ll find there’s a wide array of types of chair so no matter what your personal preference, you’ll be able to find a style to fall in love with.

A cabriolet armchair is one of the comfortable types you’ll find with a slight coving to the back which provides support, gently hugging the body. By contrast, the Bergere armchair is plush, low and deep – a seat that you can really sink into.

From chairs that stop at mid-back level to wing-back designs that extend all the way up, there’s an incredible selection, all made with the same flawless attention to detail. Created from high-quality materials, French armchairs offer an array of upholstered designs including everything from period fabrics to exposed wood and leather.

Although the exact finish will vary depending on the style, one of the real features of French furniture is the intricate finishing. With curvy silhouettes, slim legs and ornate carving, the French style really stands out among all others.

Here at Vinterior we’ve got a complete range of French armchairs from Louis XV styles to vintage French art deco. Whether you’re looking for a boudoir armchair or a seat for your lounge, we’ve got a wonderful selection to browse through. Head on over to our website today and discover the beauty of French furniture for yourself.

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