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Antique French Armchairs  

Sink into and unwind on a luxury, antique French armchair. Elegance meets comfort with our gorgeous and soft French armchair collection that can go anywhere in your home. Add a stylish armchair in your bedroom. Kick some class back into your dining room with a set of armchairs. Or complement your shabby chic living room with an antique French armchair.

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Fabulous antique French armchairs for your home

Looking for a stylish, comfortable and versatile chair? Look no further than antique French armchairs.

French armchairs are known for their decorative details, rich upholstery, sophisticated fabrics and wooden carved legs.

Our collection prioritises your comfort. From plump and plush cushioned seats to fully upholstered armchairs, you’ll be able to find the right look and feel for your antique French armchair.

Choose from a range of sumptuously soft fabrics such as velvets, linens, cottons and silks. The solid woods used in our collection include walnut, mahogany and oak. They offer durability and boast a stylish finish that’ll look flawless in any home.

Antique French armchairs look great in any room and can complement a range of styles. Place your armchair alongside a shabby chic console table in your hallway.

Slip in a bit of romantic appeal by combining a fully upholstered French armchair with your mid century modern sofa in your lounge. Or create a completely luxurious feel in your dining room by pairing a set of antique French armchairs with a stunning antique dining table.

How to find your ideal antique French armchair?

Our collection of antique French armchairs come in a variety of styles, shapes, colours and prices. Whether you need an elegant 18th century Louis XV armchair or want a budget-friendly set of antique armchairs for your dining room, we’ve got just what you need.

Looking for a comfortable French antique armchair for your living room? Why not choose from one of our many antique wing backs or Napoleon armchairs? Those who want a practical and sleek armchair for dining rooms or hallways should pick from our Chippendale chairs. These elegant straight-backed chairs offer comfort, style and elegance.

Sort by colour to find French antique armchairs that’ll match your colour scheme. Our collection is full of vibrant coloured armchairs, including natural wood finishes, beiges, whites, blacks, reds, blues, greens, pinks, greys and multicoloured floral designs.

Let’s talk money. We know that sometimes the deciding factor rests on how much a piece of furniture costs. That’s why our community of over 1,800 boutiques and independent sellers source high-quality antique French armchairs and sell them for a range of prices. In our collection, you’ll be able to find budget-friendly French armchairs for under £200. You can also find rare collectible and more luxurious armchairs from the 18th, 19th and 20th century on our website.

Want more glamorous chairs for your home? Shop our full armchair range for more unique antique must-haves.