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Antique French Armchairs

Looking for a stylish, comfortable and versatile armchair? Look no further than these French-style armchairs. Known for their intricate, decorative details, rich upholstery, sophisticated fabrics and exquisitely carved wooden legs, antique French armchairs are famous for their luxurious comfort and timeless elegance.Whatever your space, you’re guaranteed to be able to find the perfect stylish armchair in our expertly curated French armchair collection. Our selection boasts completely upholstered pieces in both vibrant and neutral tones. Plus, you’ll find the classic beautiful hardwood legs and French detailing you’d expect from provincial artisanship. Simply use our handy filters to refine your search and find the perfect set of antique French armchairs for your home.Whether you're looking for a pair of beauties for your bedroom, to kick some class back into your dining room, or to add a touch of luxury to your living room, we’ve got you covered with the very best antique French armchair designs. So, treat yourself. Sink into, unwind in luxury and experience the true meaning of elegance meets comfort with a gorgeous preloved antique French armchair.

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Beautiful antique French armchairs for your home

Our collection has been carefully hand-selected to bring you the best in fanciful French design, prioritising your comfort across all of our timeless pieces. From plump and plush cushioned seats to fully upholstered pieces, French armchairs are famed for being luxuriously comfortable. The beauties in our collection boast some of the most luscious out there. Choose from a range of sumptuously soft fabrics, from velvets to linens, cotton and silks. Pro tip—filter by materials using our handy sidebar filters and why not explore our range of French antique sofas to create a cohesive aesthetic?

Whilst being deliciously comfortable, French antique armchairs are also the epitome of quality craftsmanship. Legs and frames are built from solid woods, including walnut, mahogany and oak. These hardwoods offer exceptional durability and boast a stylish finish that’ll look flawless in any home.

Antique French linen chairs look great in any room and can complement a range of styles. Place your armchair alongside a shabby chic console table in your hallway.

How to find antique French armchairs in the U.K.

Our collection of antique French armchairs come in a variety of styles, shapes, colours and prices. Whether you need an elegant 18th century Louis XV armchair or want a budget-friendly set of antique armchairs for your dining room, we’ve got just what you need.

Looking for a comfortable French-style armchair for your living room? Why not choose from one of our many antique wing-backs or Napoleon armchairs? Those who want a practical and sleek armchair for dining rooms or hallways should pick from our Chippendale chairs. These elegant straight-backed chairs offer comfort, style and elegance.

Sort by colour to find French armchairs that’ll match your colour scheme. Our collection is full of vibrant coloured armchairs, including natural wood finishes, beiges, whites, blacks, reds, blues, greens, pinks, greys and multicoloured floral designs.

We know that sometimes the deciding factor rests on how much a piece of furniture costs. That’s why our community of over 2,000 boutiques and independent sellers source high-quality antique French armchairs and sell them for a range of prices. In our collection, you’ll be able to find budget-friendly French armchairs for under £200. You can also find rare collectable and more luxurious armchairs from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries on our website.

How to style your antique French armchair

Okay so you’ve found that perfect chair. Now let's talk about how to style your new piece. Matching your French armchair with other antique pieces can really accentuate its character and help your living space come to life. Why not go all out eclectic by combining a fully upholstered French armchair with a mid century modern sofa in your lounge? Or throw caution to the wind and go for completely decked out decadence in your dining room by pairing a set of antique French armchairs with a stunning antique dining table.

Want more glamorous chairs for your home? Shop our full armchair range for more unique antique must-haves. So what are you waiting for? Shop sustainably and find your one-of-a-kind today.

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