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Can you think of any fabric more luxurious, beautiful and comforting than velvet? It brings its own unique lusciousness and texture to your interior space, whilst at the same time being supremely simple in its charm. Velvet is also an extremely versatile material, and works wonderfully for upholstery and decorative purposes. Add a vintage velvet sofa to your living space, bedroom, guest room or hallway to bring at the same time cosiness and elegance into your interior. Browse the ever-growing collection of vintage velvet sofas and more at our online marketplace, and find the perfect piece to suit your taste.

Vintage velvet sofas: a little background

Traditionally, creating velvet involved a lot of yarn and was time-consuming to produce, which meant it was always a costly and highly sought-after luxury material. Classic velvet was made from silk, and, later on, from cotton, linen and wool.

These days, modern velvet is usually made from polyester, rayon and a mixture of synthetic fabrics. A lot of what people may think is velvet is actually velour, which is made using a knitted method and produces a more stretchy, less durable fabric.

Discover authentic vintage sofas and instantly create the perfect focal point for your home. If you love the elegance of Italian furniture, look out for a modernest Italian velvet sofa from the 1950s, often fitted with slender brass feet for added glamour. If you want a more retro feel to your velvet sofa, choose an Art Deco style cocktail sofa with a classic 1920s scalloped back and clean chrome caster legs: the perfect balance between luxury and functionality. Or browse for a more contemporary piece sporting the bold colours and winged sides of the 60s and 70s.

Among our listings you will also find many classic designs that have been reupholstered in velvet, bringing a classic piece of furniture right up to date without losing any of the character of the original piece. Choose from a range of beautiful colours to suit the theme of your room: from rich teal to deepest magenta, there are plenty of original and reclaimed pieces to choose from.

Everyone should try vintage shopping

The joy of vintage shopping is in the discovery - you never know quite what you’re going to get. Why buy modern furniture and homeware that is mass-produced, and that all your friends and neighbours have copies of? Instead, you can invest in beautiful products from the pages of history that instantly bring real charm and individuality to even the simplest space.

Add some vintage pizazz to a contemporary apartment, complement a traditional home with pieces from the same time period, or inject a little retro character into a regular house in the suburbs. The beauty of vintage velvet sofas, as with all heritage furniture, is that it will never go out of fashion.

Shop for Vintage velvet sofas with Vinterior

Today, more and more people are choosing to fill their homes with vintage furniture as the appreciation for timeless style reaches a new high. Thanks to our network of more than 1000 trusted sellers, Vinterior is the leading place to find antique, vintage, retro and artisan furniture in the UK. And with a growing selection of vintage velvet sofas you won’t be disappointed by what you find here on our online marketplace. Explore the collection today and find your inspiration.