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Vintage Velvet Sofas

Treat yourself to a luxurious vintage velvet sofa and welcome comfort into your living room, hallway or bedroom. Choose a superbly soft vintage velvet sofa that fits in your space. Whether you want a small 2-seater, a curved 3-seater or a large corner sofa, we’ve got what you need.

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Vintage velvet sofas

Cosiness and elegance can co-exist. And with our collection of vintage velvet sofas, it’s never been easier to bring them into your home.

There are new vintage velvet sofas. But wouldn’t you rather give a home to a gorgeous used sofa, that has many stories to tell? And do your bit for the planet to boot, by buying a refurbished sofa from one of our independent sellers.

You can effortlessly sort our collection by price and find yourself a bargain for under £500. Or as vintage velvet sofas were originally created in the name of luxury, why not splash out on a designer Mario Bellini, Guglielmo Ulrich or one of our other top sofa designers?

Every single vintage plush sofa in our marketplace is made from the finest materials. But if you want the peace of mind that your velvet sofa is of the highest quality, then buy from a well-known collectible name. Our sellers stock B&B Italia, Cassina, Walter Knoll and many more gorgeous sofa brands.

Which colours and size should I pick for my vintage velvet sofa?

Vintage velvet sofas offer deeper and more vibrant colours than other fabric sofas, such as cotton or linen. That’s why so many of us own them.

You’ll be able to find every colour in our collection, from mustard yellows to teal greens and from rich reds to bold blues. Choose whatever colour feels right for your home. If you want to add a grey velvet sofa to enhance your shabby chic style, do it. Or if you want to complete your art deco inspired lounge, then get yourself a gold velvet sofa.

Complement your white walls with a bright blue velvet sofa or opt for a softer colour scheme and complement beige walls with a pastel pink velvet sofa.

It’s not all about size. But sometimes it matters more than anything, especially if you’ve got a specific space or spot in mind for your vintage velvet sofa. We’ve got a selection of one-seater, two-seater, three-seater and four-seater sofas to choose from. Or you can measure your space and input the dimensions in our search tool, to find the right size for your space.

Retro velvet sofas and more

Vintage might not be your style. So, we’ve also got a variety of other sofa styles.

Retro lovers can add a sleek and practical velvet sofa from the 50s. And don’t forget to add a gorgeous retro coffee table to complete the look.

Art deco fans can choose a classic 1920s or 30s velvet sofa, complete with a stylish scalloped or shelled back. And remember to accessorise with some funky art deco vases.