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Choosing vintage storage is one of the best ways to inject a little historic character and charm to either a contemporary modern space or a traditional home. One type of storage which has proven eternally popular is the blanket box. This can take the form of a classic 19th century hinged chest in oak, or a stylish two-in-one bench and chest from the sophisticated Danish Modern designers of the mid-20th century. Whatever style of blanket box you are looking for, you’ll get a great deal by finding a one-off piece that has been pre-owned. Whether you’re looking for blanket boxes, chests, chest of drawers, commodes, TV units or sideboards, you’ll find a whole host of beautiful storage solutions at our online marketplace. Storage doesn’t have to be boring – get inspired today.

Choosing vintage blanket boxes and storage

If you’re looking for vintage blanket boxes and other storage for your interior space, you’re in luck: there are tons of periods and styles to choose from.

If you want something with a real aura and sense of heritage, choose an original ship’s chest in solid pine with iron metalwork. When kept in good condition, these wonderful items are a solid and durable storage piece that can double up as a display surface or bench. Original Victorian travel chests are also a lovely way to bring a little bit of history into your space, and the quality of carpentry at this time means you’re getting a piece that will last you for years to come.

Want something decadent and glamourous? A vintage travelling chest from the Art Deco period will typically be made from high quality lacquered wood, and feature classic motifs of the era, such as sunbursts, and bakelite details. Chic, fun and totally relevant, storage from the early to mid 20th century in the Art Deco style can work wonderfully well in a range of different settings – from a swish city apartment to a cosy cottage in the country. Wherever you need to make a statement or, at least, catch the eye with your storage, don’t underestimate what Art Deco style can achieve.

If you would prefer to incorporate something a little more minimalist in style, opt for Scandinavian storage from the 50s and 60s. This is when what we now call the mid-century modern style reigned supreme and it was the Danes that were at the forefront of this movement. With an emphasis on clean lines, sparse use of materials and crisp, homogenous shapes, blanket boxes, chests and sideboards from this period are typically made from high quality teak and look right at home as part of all types of interior theme.

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