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Chests Of Drawers

Antique French Chests of Drawers

From Parisian apartment chic to grand chateau opulence, French craftsmanship has a style and an elegance all its own. In fact, for many people, the idea of antiques often conjures up images of classic French sophistication. The iconic detailing, fluid lines and effortlessly chic appearance of French antique chests of drawers have made them a favourite among homeowners of all types for generations. The popularity of traditional French-style chests of drawers has even led to many contemporary manufacturers striving to include elements of typically French design into modern items in their collections.

With outstanding craftsmanship very much in evidence when looking at these classic pieces, it is easy to see how they exude the luxury and magnificence of an earlier time. Antique French chests of drawers have been crafted with absolute attention to detail. Just as practical as any modern piece but with the beautiful shape and style of a work of art, they bring an element of the dramatic into any bedroom. Think ball and claw feet, floral embellishments, walnut burr, and bow fronts. Find your perfect French antique chest of drawers for sale at Vinterior and be inspired by French antique storage that will not only be a practical addition but also a decorative element of your space.

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Antique French-style chest of drawers for sale

While the main purpose of any chest of drawers is a practical one, the French artisan furniture makers of days gone by were not content to settle for a basic design. The result was almost always a piece of furniture that was as beautiful as it was useful and no less sturdy for all its intricate detailing. French antique chests of drawers come in many shapes, styles and colours. While some are wide and low, others are narrow and have long elegant legs. Some have luxurious marble tops while others are made entirely of rich, dark wood. Many French antique chests of drawers have attractive inlays, gilded touches or ormolu handles to add additional decorative touches to their beautiful lines. In every case, the overall result is one of effortless chic and infinite practicality. There has never been a more stylish way to store away items in any room of your home.

The benefits of buying an antique French-style chest of drawers

When buying antique French drawers, you can naturally expect to pay a little more than you might for a replica modern piece. However, the quality and character that you get from an original item make the investment well worth it. Sturdily constructed with exquisite dovetail joints, French antique drawers were crafted rather than manufactured, and the result is a piece of furniture that has been built to last rather than discard after a few years in favour of the latest new fashion. Perhaps the most persuasive reason to buy an original French oak chest of drawers is the authenticity and history that it brings to your space. When you choose an antique or vintage item, you are adding a piece of living history to your home, and that is something that can never be replicated in a modern mass-produced piece.

Find a French-style chest of drawers at Vinterior

Whether you're searching for a French chest of drawers to grace your bedroom, your dining room or any other space in your home, Vinterior has an impressive collection that is sure to delight and inspires. Bring the past back to life with Vinterior's gorgeous range and discover the perfect antique or vintage French chest of drawers for you. Explore more French furniture to create a more cohesive aesthetic. From French display cabinets to French sofas, you can boost your bona fide Francophile credentials at Vinterior.

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